NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2024,2025 Surpassing $1,000 per Share

Nvidia stock forecasts for 2024, 2025 after splits, 2030, 2040, 2050, and 2060. Nvidia’s stock has risen significantly in 2024, with a 147% increase due to high demand for its processors used in AI.

Key Takeaways:

Nvidia’s stock price skyrocketed, propelling the company’s market value to over $3 trillion. This brief surge made Nvidia the second most valuable company globally, surpassing Apple, which stood at $3.003 trillion after a modest stock increase. Microsoft maintained its top position with a valuation of $3.15 trillion.

Nvidia shares surged by 5.9% to $1,005 in after-hours trading, surpassing the important $1,000 threshold and contributing approximately $140 billion in stock market value.

Nvidia announced a strategic ten-for-one stock split effective June 7. This move will divide each existing Nvidia share into ten, potentially making the stock more attractive to individual investors.

Since May 22, Nvidia’s stock has surged nearly 30% following a robust revenue forecast. On a single day, Nvidia’s market value increased by nearly $150 billion, surpassing the total value of AT&T. This surge also positively impacted other chip stocks, with the PHLX chip index rising by 4.5%. Companies like Super Micro Computer, which builds AI servers using Nvidia chips, also saw significant stock gains.

Analysts are bullish on Nvidia’s future earnings, with projections exceeding its already impressive stock gains. Despite trading at 39 times expected earnings, Nvidia is viewed as a better value compared to last year when it traded at over 70 times expected earnings.

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    About NVIDIA Corp (NVDA: NASDAQ) Company Outlook

    Nvidia Corporation, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a prominent multinational technology firm. It went public in 1999 under the ticker symbol NVDA and is traded on NASDAQ. Notably, NVDA shares are included in major indices like the S&P 500, S&P 100, and NASDAQ-100. In 2020, NVDA stocks reached a record-high closing price of $582.48.

    Early Milestones: Nvidia made significant strides in graphics technology, introducing NV1 in 1995 and the groundbreaking RIVA 128 in 1997. The company’s expansion continued with the acquisition of assets from 3DFX in 2000, leading to its entry into integrated graphics with the nForce platform. Nvidia achieved $1 billion in revenue and entered the S&P 500 in 2000.

    Strategic Acquisitions: The company has made several strategic acquisitions, including MediaQ Inc. in 2003 and Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. in 2020 for $7 billion.

    Global Operations: As of 2021, Nvidia operates globally across 50 locations and is recognized for its diversity and workplace excellence by Forbes. It ranks 292nd on the Fortune 500 list and 489th on Forbes’ Global 2000 2020 list.

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    NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) Stock Summary

    Previous Close$1,139.01
    Day’s Range$1,109.02 – $1,154.92
    52 Week Range$373.56 – $1,154.92
    Avg. Volume49,588,364
    Market Cap$2.824T
    PE Ratio (TTM)67.15
    EPS (TTM)17.10
    Earnings DateAug 21, 2024 – Aug 26, 2024
    Forward Dividend & Yield0.40 (0.03%)
    Ex-Dividend DateJun 11, 2024

    NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock Forecast, Prediction, and Price Target

    The top-ranking among 21 Wall Street analysts, with a 1-year Target Estimate within the last 90 days. The average price target of $1,187.00 for NVIDIA with a high prediction of $1,420 and a low estimate of $900.  This forecasts a whopping 4.12% average price target increase from the current price of 1,148.25.

    NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) Technical and Fundamental Analysis

    Before making any decisions regarding NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) stock, it’s essential to consider both technical and fundamental analyses. While optimistic forecasts might indicate a market peak, it’s crucial to check whether these expectations align with reality over time.

    Nvidia stock forecast | Technical and Fundamental Analysis historical chart
    Check out the technical analysis for Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) on Trading View. It includes the latest MACD at 50.02 and RSI at 79.12. It’s important to note that while past performance can provide insights, it never guarantees future results.

    NVIDIA (NVDA) Fundamental Analysis

    Nvidia’s explosive rise is primarily fueled by its leadership in the artificial intelligence (AI) chip market. The company is reaping substantial revenue from its AI chips, which are in high demand. While giants like Apple and Meta are heavily investing to develop their AI capabilities, Nvidia currently dominates the field. This leadership has driven a 147% increase in Nvidia’s stock in 2024 alone, highlighting the insatiable demand for its advanced processors.

    Long-term Nvidia Stock Forecast 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060

    Based on our latest long-term NVIDIA stock forecast, Nvidia’s share price will reach $1493.52 by the end of 2024 and then hit $5,500 by the end of 2025. Nvidia will rise to $ 7,671 within the year 2030 and $9000 in 2034, and Nvidia’s (NVDA) stock price range between a price target of $8,500 to $11,270 in 2040.

    NVIDIA Stock Forecast Analytical Outlook for 2024


    Nvidia stock ended 2023 with a massive 240% gain. In January 2024, it started the year strong with the most bullish prediction at $615.24 on January 31, up 24.9% for the month.

    Our analysts forecast that Nvidia (NVDA) stock will rise $1,150 by mid-year and in their most optimistic prediction NVDA Stock will hit $1,500 by 2024/2025. Analysts anticipate that NVIDIA’s stock price will reach new heights by 2025.

    If Nvidia can expand its market hold from 2024 to 2030, its marketcap will skyrocket from $2,824$ billion to $10,000 billion by 2030 due to the fast-growing adoption of its H100 AI chips. This forecast predicts NVDA stock will surge 258% from its current value.

    In 2023, NVIDIA reported record revenue of $60.9 billion, a 126% increase, largely driven by a 409% rise in data center revenue. This growth underpins the demand for AI technologies.

    In 2024, NVIDIA aims to expand its AI ecosystem with new AI chips and software, focusing on generative AI and partnerships to drive adoption. Its investments in autonomous driving, including collaborations with Great Wall Motors, ZEEKR, and Xiaomi, are also expected to pay off.

    Analysts forecast that NVIDIA could generate $100 billion in free cash flow over the next two years, supporting strategic acquisitions and R&D.

    Analysts are optimistic about NVIDIA’s stock, projecting strong growth due to AI demand. The company’s Q3 2023 results showed a three-fold increase in data center revenue. NVIDIA’s comprehensive AI ecosystem is expected to drive recurring revenue and financial stability.

    Despite a 230% gain in 2023, NVIDIA’s fundamentals have improved, supporting its valuation. Strategic investments in AI and data centers are anticipated to yield significant returns, with companies adopting NVIDIA’s solutions for better productivity.

    Overall, NVIDIA’s strong AI market position, strategic initiatives, and financial performance are likely to push its stock to targeted prices in 2024. Analysts’ most optimistic prediction sees NVIDIA stock hitting $2,000 by the end of 2024.

    NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2025

    Experts think Nvidia will keep doing well and making more money. Even though its stock is expensive, people believe it’s a good investment because Nvidia is leading in AI technology. Analysts predict that Nvidia (NVDA) will achieve approximately $11.5 trillion in full-year revenue.

    NVIDIA Stock Predictions Forecast NVDA shares to skyrocket and reach a record-high average price target of $2,281.65 By the end of 2025 with a high prediction of $3,500 and a low estimate of $373.56 per share from its current price of $1,210.45.

    If Nvidia stock gradually increases and hits a 200% potential gain compared to the last 12 months from NVIDIA‘s price today through 25 May 2025, they would succeed at reaching a market cap of approx. $8.79 trillion, a valuation equal to the integrated market values of Apple(AAPL), Microsoft(MSFT), and Google(GOOG).

    NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2030

    Nvidia’s stock is forecasted to skyrocket by 258% from current levels, reaching a staggering $10 trillion market valuation by 2030, as per tech analyst Beth Kindig from I/O Fund due to the rapid adoption of its H100 AI chips, which have been in high demand.

    NVIDIA (NVDA) Stock Price Predictions Forecast an exponential growth in shares reaching a whopping average price target of $7,071 per share in 2030 with a high prediction of $7,700 and a low estimate of $1,240 from its current price.

    NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2040

    Nvidia stock is expected to range between ($2,038 and $9,854) by 2040 with a 5%-10% annual return over the next 17 years. NVDA stock forecast 2050: Using the 15.2% rate from QTEC, Nvidia’s value would be ($9,854), whereas the S&P 500 would have a value of ($5,346) based on the same metric in 2050.

    NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2050

    Nvidia’s share price could range approximately from $9,319 to $14,500 by the year 2050 if the NVDA stock maintains a 10.5% annual growth path as it has been consistent over the next 25 years.


    Analysts have high hopes for Nvidia’s stock price targets in 2025, driven by robust financial performance and strategic growth initiatives. Nvidia’s future financial prospects look strong, with expectations of significant growth and a best-possible score of 99 in both revenue and earnings.

    What are 12-month price forecasts for NVIDIA stock?

    Based on the analyst’s forecast, NVIDIA stock has an average target of $1,104, with a low estimate of $860 and a high estimate of $1,470.

    Is NVDA splitting in 2024?

    Trading is anticipated to begin on a split-adjusted basis at the market opening on Monday, June 10, 2024.

    What will be Nvidia’s market cap in 2030?

    By 2030, Nvidia is projected to achieve a valuation of $10 trillion, NVDA stock will be priced at $ 7,671 in 2030 expanding its market attentiveness.

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