Meta Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040 to 2060: Is META expected to rise?

In 2030, Meta’s stock (META) will reach $2,385.79 if it sustains its current 10-year average annual growth potential. This projection implies a substantial increase of 404.25% from its current price.

Main Key Takeaways: Meta Stock Price Price Prediction 2024 to 2060

If Meta’s value continues to rise steadily compared to last year, our experts predict Meta will attain a notable peak. Meta platform (META) average stock price possibly be around $575 by the end of 2025.  

Based on our latest META stock price prediction, Meta shares are projected to reach $511.46 per share by May 21, 2024, a rise of 8.86% from Meta’s current levels.

Based on a thorough analysis of Meta’s historical performance and average growth trends, our prediction indicates that META stock is poised to reach a value range of $8,500 to $10,560.59 by the year 2040. Investors are closely monitoring Meta’s trajectory, anticipating substantial growth in the long term.”

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2050: By 2050, the average price target is estimated at $20,722.81 using the 15.2% rate from QTEC and S&P 500 based on the same metric in 2050.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2060: META’s stock is predicted to average around  $31,526.36 if Meta (META) stock keeps up its current 10-year average growth rate.

Brief Overview of META Stock Company Profile

  • Meta company’s main products include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus.
  • Facebook, Inc. operates globally as a social networking company.
  • Users can connect and share various content such as thoughts, ideas, pictures, and videos.
  • The company was founded on February 4, 2004, by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris R. Hughes, Andrew McCollum, and Eduardo P. Saverin.
  • Its headquarters are located in Menlo Park, California.

Meta Platforms, Inc., previously known as Facebook, Inc.

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In the Forbes Lists for the year 2024:

  • #322: Best Employers for Diversity in the category of IT Software & Services.
  • #548: America’s Best Large Employers in the category of IT Software & Services.

In 2023, they clinched the #31st spot on the prestigious Forbes Global 2000 list, solidifying their status as a heavy hitter in the industry.

In addition, NASDAQ: Meta has been actively acquiring businesses. They have included Oculus into their Reality Labs, along with Mapillary, CTRL-Labs, and a portion of Jio Platforms. They’ve also ventured into the hardware market with products like the Meta Portal smart displays, which are no longer produced, and their collaboration with Luxottica on the stylish Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

The real question is, though: what gives Meta its boost? Promotion. Yes, advertising accounts for nearly all of their revenue (97.8% in 2023). And, hey, recall the time that Facebook, Inc. changed its name to Meta Platforms, Inc.?

That occurred in October of 2021. They claimed to have taken this action to intensify their efforts in the metaverse, a vast networked universe where all of their benefits come together.

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Company Profile

CountryUnited States
Ticker SymbolMETA
IPO DateMay 18, 2012
IndustryInternet Content & Information
SectorCommunication Services
CEOMark Elliot Zuckerberg
Market Cap$1.27T
Revenue (ttm)$134.90B
Net Income (ttm)$39.10B

Facebook Stock Price (NASDAQ: META) Historical Chart View

Current Price 476.20 USD (2024)2025203020402050
5% GrowthN/A$497$666$1,084$1,766
S&P 500 (11.5% ROI)N/A$526$1,032$2,958$8,172
QTEC (15.50% ROI)N/A$553$1,350$6,559$31,526
S&P 500 has averaged 11.5% CAGR over the past 50 years, and QTEC 15.50% over the last 17 years.
Meta Stock Price Prediction | Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META) Histoical Chart View - TradingView
Meta Stock Price Prediction 2020 to 2024

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Long-term Meta Stock Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060

Current (2024)$476.21 (47% rise)
2050 (QTEC) – (S&P 500)$20,722.81 – ($8,072)

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2024

Meta is spending a lot of money on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which they think could be profitable for the company in the long run. The value of Meta’s stock increased significantly after it released its financial report for the fourth quarter in early February.

This report showed that Meta had achieved record sales and announced its intention to pay its first-ever dividend to shareholders. As a result, the price of Meta’s stock has risen by more than 45% in the year 2024.

Moreover, JPMorgan continues to recommend buying Meta’s stock but has lowered their estimate of how much the stock price will rise (price target) from $535 to $480.

As per our technical analysis based current META stock forecast, the value of Meta shares will go up by 6.06% and reach around $ 535.35 per share by 2024.

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Meta Stock Price Prediction 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, analysts are forecasting revenue of $179 billion for Meta, representing a 12.20% increase compared to 2024. These estimates may continue to rise throughout the year if Meta sustains its current momentum.

Considering Meta’s stock has already surged by 47% in 2024 if it maintains this level of growth and posts a similar gain in 2025, the share price could surpass $740, assuming there are no stock splits.

However, it’s essential to remember that past performance does not guarantee future gains. Even professional analysts find it challenging to make accurate long-term predictions about an individual stock’s price.

According to analysts, Meta Stock Price Prediction 2025 is currently between $640$920. We also expect the revenue of Meta to grow by $178.10 billion by 2025.

This forecast is based on the assumption that Meta shares will continue to grow at the same average yearly rate as they have over the last 10 years.

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Meta Stock Price Prediction 2030

The company is a big player in the tech world, but it’s had its fair share of trouble with scandals over the years. Investors should keep an eye on things, but it’s unlikely that Facebook or any of the company’s other brands will vanish completely.

In 2030, Meta’s stock price could skyrocket far more than is currently expected, Meta’s shares will hit a record high of $731.72 in 2030. If it rises at its average rate over the next ten years. This is because Meta’s shares are going up with immense growth and success in developing the Metaverse and other advanced technologies.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2040

YearMeta Stock Price PredictionGrowth Potential
2040$10,560.59 – $12,1102,361.8%

According to our technical analysis, Meta’s stock average growth will be a whopping 2,361.8% and the potential gain will be between $10,560.59 and $12,110 per share by 2040. This prediction will come into existence if META maintains its historical average growth rate over the past ten years.

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2050

The Meta stock price prediction in 2050 would be priced at $20,722.81, or about 10x higher than its current price using QTEC’s rate of 15.2% by the year 2050. If META Stock were to follow the S&P’s historical yearly growth rate

Meta Stock Price Prediction 2060

The stock price target for META in 2060 is predicted to average around $39,472.71, with a range between $40,345 and $40,203. This forecast was to follow the S&P’s historical yearly growth rate using QTEC’s rate of 12% from the current level.

Cash Flow Analysis of Meta Platforms, Inc.

This report examines Meta Platforms’ cash flow, which shows how financially healthy the company is.

Gain Money:

  • In 2023, Meta Platforms made a substantial $71.1 billion from its core business activities.
  • This income has been consistently increasing each year, which is a good sign.

Layout Money:

  • Meta invests a lot back into the business, spending $27.0 billion in 2023 on things like building new data centers and upgrading equipment.
  • They also used some cash for buying other companies and making changes in investments.

Leftover Cash Balance:

  • After deducting operational spending and investments, Meta had $44.1 billion in free cash flow in 2023.
  • This cash can be used for things like paying dividends to shareholders, buying back their stock, or making more acquisitions.

Key takeaways:

  • Meta Platforms is making a good amount of money.
  • Their cash flow is growing, showing they are in a strong financial position.
  • They reinvest a large portion of their cash flow back into the business, which could lead to future growth.
  • The company started paying dividends in 2024, providing some return to shareholders.
  • Overall, Meta Platforms’ cash flow situation looks positive, as they are generating a lot of cash and investing it wisely. This could be promising for long-term investors.

META 100 day moving average

The average Meta Stock Price Prediction in the past 100 days stands at $340.00. This represents a 55% growth in comparison to the prior period. To find the 100-day moving average, sum the closing prices of the stock over the previous 100 days and divide the total by 100. It is a useful resource for traders as it displays the stock’s average price across a moderate timeframe.

How much will my investment in META stock be worth in 5 years?

When considering whether Meta Platforms, Inc. (formerly Facebook) is a good investment, it’s important to weigh various factors. Meta has demonstrated significant success under Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership, achieving remarkable growth in a relatively short period.

The company’s diversified revenue streams, strong market position, and innovative ventures like the Metaverse offer potential for future growth. However, it’s essential to acknowledge recent challenges, including regulatory scrutiny and controversies surrounding the company.

According to META stock will be one of the largest technology companies holding a strong position in its revenue and earnings to grow 13% and 17%, respectively, in 2029 which would be worth $1,800 in 5 years from the current market price.

why is Facebook stock dropping?

The stock of Meta (formerly Facebook) fell by 10% in value on Thursday. The drop occurred due to several factors, including the company’s announcement of lower-than-expected revenue forecasts for the future.

Additionally, remarks made by Mark Zuckerberg regarding increased spending may have contributed to investor concerns, further impacting the stock price. Despite the company’s positive first-quarter earnings report, the negative outlook on future revenue led to a significant decline in Meta’s stock value, marking its worst performance since October 2022.

Conclusion: Meta Stock Price Prediction

Experts and analysts believe that Facebook’s shares will likely grow in both the short and long term. Predictions based on reliable strategies and signs show that Facebook’s shares are currently on an upward trend.

Investing in Meta Platforms can be appealing because of their solid position in the market, different sources of revenue, and advancements in fields like the Metaverse. Meta’s wide user base worldwide and strong financial status suggest growth opportunities.

The company’s ability to adapt and its global presence are also important advantages. However, investors should consider these benefits along with possible risks such as regulatory issues and competition in the ever-changing tech sector.


What is facebook – Meta Stock Price Prediction 2025?

In the first half of 2025, the price of Facebook stock is expected to reach $740. By the second half of the year, it will increase by another $100, closing the year at $840.

Will Meta’s Facebook shares be priced more than AAPL in 2030?

According to our accurate stock forecast and price prediction, it’s unlikely that Meta will surpass Apple in worth by 2030. However, Meta may still have significant potential for growth.

Is Meta’s (Facebook’s parent company) stock expected to rise?

Considering Facebook shares over both the short and long term price is expected to reach $535 by the end of 2024, and $740 by the mid year 2025.

What is 1 year meta stock price prediction?

According to insights from 43 Wall Street analysts over the past 3 months, the average price target for Meta Platforms is $530.00. This average target ranges from a high forecast of $593.00 to a low forecast of $450.00. Compared to Meta’s last price of $476.20, this average target reflects an anticipated change of approximately 11.49%.

How high are Meta stocks expected to rise?

We anticipate an average 12-month price target of $500.00, with a low estimate of $300 and a high estimate of $650, expected to rise by 4.00% from today’s Facebook stock price.

Do Meta Platforms pay dividends?

Yes, Meta Platforms has paid an annual Dividend of $2.00 within the past 12 months.

What is the Fair Value Estimate for Meta Stock Price Prediction in 2024?

During 2024, we anticipate solid growth in ad revenue, projecting a 17.45% increase, followed by a forecasted growth of 14.13% in 2025.

What is the projected value of META’s Platform stock by 2030?

By 2030, META’s stock is expected to attain notable levels. Experts predict it could reach $731 by the middle of the year and $750 by the end of the year. This growth is because META is doing well with its Metaverse and other new technologies.

Disclaimer: Information provided is for educational purposes only. Consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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