ARM Stock Price Prediction 2024,2025,2030 Growth Analysis

In this article, we delve into Arm Holdings PLC – ADR (NASDAQ: ARM) for the years 2024, 2025, 2030, and 2040. Our forecast is grounded in meticulous technical analysis and a thorough examination of ARM Stock’s historical performance. Now Dive into¬†Arm Holdings PLC Stock (ARM) Key Points.

Arm stock Price Prediction may reach an average price of $70 by the end of 2023, $85 in mid of 2024, $100 in 2025, $150 in 2030, 180 in 2035, $200 in 2040, and $280 in 2045, and 350 by the end of 2050.

  • Arm stock’s current quote price is 65.09 +0.38 (+0.59%) 2023 is anticipated to follow a positive trajectory, with a high price projection reaching $70 by the beginning of 2024.
  • Looking ahead to 2025, the forecast suggests an average price of $62 for ARM stock, with the potential to reach a peak of $67 and a low estimate in consideration.
  • Accelerating to 2030, ARM stock exhibits promising projections, featuring a forecasted average price of $100, coupled with a high estimate of $115.
  • Extending the horizon to 2040, the long-term forecast portrays an optimistic outlook for ARM stock, indicating an average price ascent to $190, with a maximum reaching an impressive $250 and a low estimate of around $150 low estimate.

Arm Holdings PLC Company Overview

Arm Stock Price prediction

Arm Holdings plc stands as a leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company on the global stage. Specializing in the development and licensing of IP for diverse devices worldwide, the company plays a pivotal role in accelerating product development across a spectrum that spans from sensors and smartphones to servers.

At the heart of Arm’s offerings are its central processing units (CPUs) and nomenclature for properties and units (NPUs), featuring a comprehensive lineup including Cortex-A, Cortex-M, Cortex-R, Neoverse, Ethos, and SecurCore. The company’s processor IP covers a broad range of cores, meticulously designed to meet the performance, power, and cost requirements of devices ranging from Internet of Things (IoT).

Arm Holdings plc plays a crucial role in advancing technology across a wide spectrum of devices, ranging from sensors to supercomputers. Their impact extends seamlessly into the realms of smartphones, laptops, and even the cutting-edge technology of autonomous vehicles.

Arm’s influence extends to graphics and camera technology, shaping the visual experience across a myriad of devices. From mass-market to high-performance smartphones, Android OS-based tablets, to digital televisions, Arm’s contributions are integral to the seamless functioning of these technologies.

Further enhancing its portfolio, Arm provides foundation physical IP and processor implementation solutions. This comprehensive approach ensures that Arm addresses the diverse performance, power, and cost requirements across all application markets, solidifying its position as a key player in the semiconductor and technology landscape.

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Arm Holdings PLC (ARM) Financials

Now let us look forward to the latest Arm Holdings plc (ARM) stock quotes, historical data, and essential news with the latest Arm price of $ 65.10quote price arrow up+0.39 (+0.60%) as of 13-Dec-2023.

Day Range$63.28 – $66.25
52 Week Range$46.50 – $69.00
Market Cap$66.53B
Shares Outstanding1.03B
EPS (TTM)0.25
P/E (TTM)258.43
Fwd P/E (NTM)67.13

Arm Stock Price Prediction

According to 17 analysts, Arm Holdings stock is forecasted to average $65.10 in the next 12 months, indicating a potential 2.47% increase. Ratings overall suggest a positive outlook, with an average “buy” recommendation, with price targets ranging from $56 to $85.

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LongTerm Arm Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

Arm stock Price Prediction may reach an average price of $70 by the end of 2023, $85 in mid of 2024, $100 in 2025, $150 in 2030, 180 in 2035, $200 in 2040, and $280 in 2045, and 350 by the end of 2050.

Arm Stock Price Prediction 2024

According to the short-term Arm Stock Price Prediction 2024 may reach an average price of $85 and reach a high price of $91 and a low estimate of $75 from its current price of $65.10

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Arm Stock Price Prediction 2025

Looking ahead to Arm Holdings PLC 2025, optimistic signs emerge in the company’s revenue growth. According to company management, Arm anticipates a compound annual growth rate of 8% revenue growth by 2025, signaling a positive trajectory for the company’s financial performance.

Based on the latest Arm Stock Price Prediction 2025 has a price target of $86 and may reach the high price target of $100 and low price forecast of $70 from its current price of $65.10

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Arm Stock Price Prediction 2030

ARM Holdings is strategically expanding into cloud computing, automotive, and IoT to diversify its revenue base. A recent investor update noted that this move positions the company for future growth. When considering ARM Stock Price Prediction for 2030, the company’s increasing revenue highlights a positive outlook, driven by its focused expansion efforts in key sectors.

According to our Long-Term Arm Holdings plc American Depositary Shares ARM Stock Price Prediction 2030 can have an average price of $94 with a high price of $100 and a low price target of

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Arm Stock Price Prediction 2040

Arm stock’s long-term forecast indicates potential growth in digital product design revenue, but it faces stiff competition from industry giants like NVIDIA and Intel. The partnership between Arm and Apple is secured with a deal that extends their collaboration until at least 2040!

Based on our analyst’s analysis the arm stock price prediction for 2040 is $110 with a high price of $130 and a low forecast of $101 if sustaining a 10-year average growth rate.

Is Arm Holdings PLC a good time to buy?

ARM Holdings PLC ADR holds a consensus rating of Moderate Buy, derived from 18 buy ratings, 8 hold ratings, and 1 sell rating. The average price target for ARM Holdings PLC ADR stands at $63.49. This assessment is based on 27 Wall Street analysts’ 12-month price targets, issued within the past 3 months.

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  1. What is the future of ARM stock in 2024?

    The future outlook for ARM stock in 2024, as projected by 27 analysts, indicates a median target of $63.00. The forecast encompasses a high estimate of $83.00 and a low estimate of $41.00.

  2. Why is the ARM stock price Dropping Now?

    ARM stock is falling over 7% in extended trading due to revenue guidance falling short of expectations.

  3. What is the ARM Holding stock price forecast for 2025?

    Based on our analysis the stock prediction for Arm Holdings plc American Depositary Shares in 2025 is currently $70.06 per share.

  4. What is ARM earnings revenue for 2024?

    For the full fiscal year 2024, Arm anticipates adjusted earnings of $1.15 per share on sales amounting to $3.08 billion.

  5. Is Arm Holdings stock overvalued?

    Arm anticipates sales between $2.96 billion and $3.08 billion for the full fiscal year. Despite slight adjustments to medium-term forecasts, the fair value estimate remains at $34, with the shares perceived as materially overvalued.

  6. Should You Buy Arm Holdings PLC (ARM) Stock?

    As of now, Arm has received one “buy” rating, three “hold” ratings, and one “underperform” rating. The median analyst price target stands at just $51.13.

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