Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2025, 2030 Growth

Let us explore Mullen Automotive Inc (MULN) Stock, currently priced at $0.145. Despite a recent 11.11% gain on December 15, 2023, current trends suggest a potential -5.19% drop tomorrow and a -29.44% loss in the next 7 days for MULN stock.

Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast in 2024 will start at $0.25 and is expected to reach an average price of $15.10 in 2025, $21.50 in 2030, $29.60 in 2035, $39.00 in 2040, and $55.10 by 2050.

Mullen Automotive, Inc. Common Stock (MULN) Company

Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast

Mullen Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN), based in Brea, California, is a prominent American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. Specializing in rebadged Chinese captive imports, the company offers an array of innovative EV models, including the Mullen Campus, Mullen One, Mullen Three, Mullen Go, and Mullen GT lines. As a key player in the electric vehicle market, Mullen Automotive is at the forefront of delivering sustainable and cutting-edge mobility solutions.

In 2014, Mullen Automotive, Inc. was established by CEO David Michery, succeeding in acquiring CODA Automotive and Mullen Motor Cars. The company is committed to developing sustainable and scalable energy solutions and is dedicated to advancing the electric vehicle industry.

SectorTechnology Services
IndustryInternet Software/Services

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Mullen Automotive, Inc. Financial Outlook

Stay informed about Mullen Automotive, Inc.’s stock by monitoring its live chart for real-time price changes. Gain insights into market predictions, delve into MULN’s financial details, and stay abreast of the latest market news.

Market Cap$48.00M
P/E Ratio(Div Yield)N/A (N/A)
52-wk High$107.45
52-wk Low$0.10
Quarterly Financials (USD)Jun 2023Y/Y
Net Income-$308.86M6271.95%
Diluted EPS-$11.1470.94%
Net Profit Margin-100,278.65%

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Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 

Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast

Analysts anticipate a Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast with an average one-year price target of $20.46 for Mullen Automotive Inc. Projections indicate a range from a low of $19.23 to a high of $21.15 from the current price in 2023.

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Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2024

As the current stock price for Mullen Automotive Inc (MULN) is 0.09+0.0013 (+1.4349%), the projected Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2024 indicates an average target of $15.05 from the current price.

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Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2025

Looking ahead to MULN Stock Price Prediction 2025, analysts anticipate the average price of Mullen Automotive shares to reach $15.10. The highest price target is $21.42, contingent on the company maintaining its existing growth trajectory.

Conversely, in a bearish market scenario, there is a possibility that Mullen Automotive could experience a decline, potentially dropping to a low of around $10.73.

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Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2030

The long-term outlook for Mullen Automotive shares suggests a starting point of $30.52 in 2030, with a subsequent surge to $20.53 in the first half of the year. The year is expected to conclude with a stock price of $25.54.

Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2035

Analysts expect MULN Stock Price Prediction 2035 to reach an average price target of $ 35.50 and hit a high price of $42.20 and a low of $21.00 from its current price.

Mullen Automotive Stock Price Forecast 2040

As per the most recent analyst forecast, the Mullen Automotive stock is anticipated to reach a stock quote of as low as $13.50 by 2040 retaining an average price of $50.50, and a high of $107.45, reflecting optimistic expectations for Mullen Automotive’s stock performance.

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Why is MULN stock dropping?

Mullen Automotive, Inc. Common Stock (MULN) Company’s significant 99% drop in stock price in 2023 is primarily linked to financial and operational hurdles. One major factor contributing to this decline is the absence of revenue from vehicle sales as of Q2 2023. It’s worth noting that revenue started to materialize in Q3, indicating a potential shift in the company’s financial performance.

Should I Invest in Mullen Automotive Stock?

Mullen Group provides investors with a successful business strategy that includes entrepreneurship, robust capital management, diversified operations and markets for growth, and strong margins, cash flow, and dividends. The analyst rating consensus for Mullen Group Ltd. is a Moderate Buy, reflecting the assessments of 6 Wall Street analysts.

  1. Does Mullen Automotive shares have a future in 2025?

    We expect a bright future for MULN in 2025 with an expectation for Mullen Automotive shares to reach an average price of $15.10 by 2025.

  2. What is the average price target for Mullen Automotive Stock?

    The average one-year price target for Mullen Automotive Inc is $24.46. The forecasts range from a low of $21.23 to a high of $29.15.

  3. Why is Mullen Automotive Stock falling?

    Mullen Automotive Inc.’s stock fell 2.3% on Friday after the company filed a lawsuit against investors, accusing them of using spoofing to manipulate its share price between Nov. 9, 2021, and Nov. 9, 2023.

  4. What is MULN stock price prediction for 2025?

    Our analysts anticipate Mullen Automotive Stock average price is $15.10 and reach a high price of $19.50 with a low price of $ 10.10 in 2025

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