Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2025, 2030

In this article, we aim to forecast the Suzlon Energy Share Price Target (SUZLON) based on its financial results for the years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, and 2040.

Our target price is grounded in a comprehensive analysis of financial results and various factors, including revenue growth, profitability, historical performance, technical analysis, and more. Suzlon Energy Ltd’s latest market data, with an opening price of Rs 41.50, reaching a high of 41.50, a low of 39.30, a market cap of ₹53.67T, a P/E ratio of 84.44, and a 52-week range between 6.95 and 44.00.

Suzlon Energy Ltd, set to join the BSE100 list next month, leads the gainers in 2023 on BSE500 with an impressive year-to-date surge of 298% therefore Suzlon is a good buy for the long term.

About Suzlon Energy Ltd (SUZLON) Company

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target
Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2025, 2030 1

Suzlon Energy Limited (Suzlon) is a leading renewable energy solutions provider, focusing on the production of wind turbine generators and associated components. Established in 1995 and headquartered in Pune, India, Suzlon operates 14 manufacturing units within India and has a global presence in 17 countries. With a remarkable footprint, Suzlon has successfully installed over 12,780 wind turbines spanning six continents. 🌍🍃

Suzlon provides comprehensive turnkey solutions for wind energy projects, encompassing everything from design to life-cycle asset management. With a remarkable track record, they have successfully installed over 20.3 GW of wind energy in the past two decades. Suzlon’s commitment to expertise and excellence has earned them recognition in the field of renewable energy.

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Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2024

Based on our fundamental analysis, the Suzlon Energy Share Price Target for 2024 is projected to range between Rs 45 to Rs 60, with a potential dip to Rs 50 throughout the year from the current price of Rs 39.30.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2025

Our latest long-term analysts expect Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2025 will demonstrate a highly positive trend and will hit a high price of Rs 70 and a low price of Rs 66.50 with an average price of Rs 61 by the end of year 2025 from today’s price in 2023.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2030

Suzlon Share Price Target 2030 is expected to range between the maximum target price for Suzlon shares is Rs 75 to Rs 90 from its current price which has risen 264% so far in 2023.

Suzlon Energy Share Price Target 2040

Anticipating consistent growth in Suzlon Energy’s results over the next decade, the Suzlon Energy share price target for 2040 is set at Rs. 91.50. With optimistic expectations, it is speculated that Suzlon’s shares could potentially surpass its all-time high and reach Rs 100 per share in 2040 from its current price.

Is it good to buy Suzlon shares now?

A total of 58.28 lakh shares of Suzlon Energy, translating to a turnover of Rs 24.53 crore, were traded on BSE. Suzlon Energy shares, with a beta of 0.6, signify low volatility over the year. Despite a five-session winning streak, the stock faced a downturn in early trade, having gained 13.26% since November 9.

The rally was fueled by speculations of its entry into AMFI’s midcap category in January and inclusion in the MSCI Global Standard Index during the November 15 rejig. Suzlon Energy was successfully added to the index last week.

In the current session, Suzlon Energy stock experienced a decline of 3.78%, reaching Rs 40.67 compared to the previous close of Rs 42.27 on BSE. The stock’s 52-week range reflects a low of Rs 6.96 on March 28, 2023, and a high of Rs 44 on November 17, 2023, on BSE. The market cap of Suzlon Energy saw a decrease to Rs 55,468.52 crore. A total of 58.28 lakh shares of Suzlon Energy changed hands, resulting in a turnover of Rs 24.53 crore on BSE.

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Is Suzlon a multibagger Stock?

Suzlon shares hit a low of ₹7 at the end of March 2023 and within nearly six months in FY24, this penny stock has transformed into a multibagger in the Indian stock market.

Is Suzlon Energy Ltd. a good buy for the long term?

Suzlon Energy shares exhibit a beta of 0.6, denoting low volatility over the year. Analyzing the technical aspects, the relative strength index (RSI) of the stock registers at 85.2, indicating it is currently trading in the overbought zone.

What will be Suzlon Energy share price target in 2025?

The Suzlon Share Price Target is set at ₹66.50 in 2025, with a projected increase to ₹70.25 in 2025 for further growth.

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