SIRC Listed on NASDAQ: blissful Forecast 2025

SIRC Listed on NASDAQ: Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (NASDAQ: SIRC) is a publicly traded solar power company based in California. The company was founded in 2009 and offers complete solar roofing systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Solar Integrated Roofing has a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about making solar power more accessible and affordable for everyone. The company’s mission is to provide clean, renewable energy solutions that make economic sense, while also helping to protect the environment.

Solar Integrated Roofing accomplishes this by offering high-quality solar products and services that are designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. Solar Integrated Roofing Corp is committed to providing its customers with the best possible experience.

To that end, the company offers a wide range of services, including system design, installation, financing, monitoring, and maintenance. Solar Integrated Roofing also has a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, which is evident in its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


SIRC Listed on NASDAQ: Generous Price Forecast 2025
SIRC Listed on NASDAQ: Generous Price Forecast 2025 Credits SIRC TWITTER

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (SIRC) is listed on The Nasdaq Stock Market. This is a significant achievement for the company and will provide greater visibility and liquidity for the shareholders. SIRC is a leading provider of integrated solar roofing systems, which are designed to generate electricity from the sun while providing a durable, weather-resistant barrier for the home or business.

The systems are installed on both residential and commercial properties and have a strong track record of delivering high-quality products and services. The company believes that listing on The Nasdaq Stock Market will provide us with greater access to capital and allow us to continue to grow our business and create shareholder value.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. Completes Energy accretion, Promotes Trent Crane to Regional VP of Sales

Market Summary

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp


sirc stock forecast 2025
sirc stock forecast 2025


Price $0.09
Change Percent▼ $-0.01-11.91%
Previous Close$0.10
Day Range$0.09-$0.10
52 Week Range$0.02-$0.62
Data as of 01/9/2023 10:40 AM ET –

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (SIRC)

sirc stock forecast 2025
Solar Integrated Roofing Corp

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC) specializes in solar power, roofing, and electric vehicle charging systems for commercial and residential properties across the United States. The Company serves communities by providing the best experience through constant innovation & legacy-focused leadership.

If you’re interested in learning more about Solar Integrated Roofing Corp, or if you’re considering investing in the company please visit (Solar Integrated Roofing Corp)

Historical Data – sirc stock price target

DateCloseDay HighDay LowVolume
Historical Data – sirc stock price target

There is a possibility Solar Integrated Roofing Corp stock could be a bad, high-risk investment option over the next year. On 2023-01-09, Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. real-time quote was 0.090 USD, but your current investment may depreciate.

sirc price prediction
Solar Integrated Roofing (image source Wallet Investor)

Solar Integrated Roofing Stock Chart and Share Price Forecast, Short-Term “SIRC” Stock Prediction for Next Days and Weeks according to Wallet Investor sirc stock news

SIRC Stock Info

Country: USA
Exchange Stock: Pink Sheet Stock
Sector: Technology
Stock Type: Common Stock
Industry: Solar

EX Dividends

Last STOCK Split Factor: 1:30
Last STOCK Split Date: 2015-11-12

Is Sirc Stock a Good Buy

as per our analysis, sirc has performed very well over the past year as its revenue grew by almost 500% as per records, and the company is putting all the necessary efforts to be listed in one of the major exchanges in the US.

It would be pretty quick to forecast how the company will be performing in the coming years but if everything goes well by the company standards it could be a good bet to try your hands on sirc stock.

Is Sirc Stock a Good Buy
Is Sirc Stock a Good Buy


  • The price-to-earnings ratio (1.5x) is below the US market (14.5x)
  • Earnings grew by 513.1% over the past year


  • High level of non-cash earnings
  • Shareholders have been substantially diluted in the past year
  • Volatile share price over the past few months.
  • Does not have a meaningful market cap ($57.55M)

SIRC Stock Prediction

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp’s stock is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker symbol “SIRC.” As of February 2021, the stock was trading at around $1.40 per share. Solar Integrated Roofing Corp’s financial performance has been mixed in recent years.

The company reported revenue of $32.5 million in 2020, which was a decrease from the $33.9 million it reported in 2019. However, Solar Integrated Roofing Corp’s net loss narrowed from $7.8 million in 2019 to $4.9 million in 2020.

Looking ahead, analysts expect Solar Integrated Roofing Corp’s revenue to grow to $38.4 million in 2021 and $44.2 million in 2022. Analysts also expect the company’s net loss to narrow further to $3.5 million in 2021 and to turn into a net profit of $0.4 million in 2022.

Based on these estimates, Solar Integrated Roofing Corp’s stock could be a good investment for investors who are bullish on the solar industry’s long-term prospects

sirc stock price 2023

DatePrice in ($)Min Price in ($)Max Price in ($)
2023-01-10 0.0777 0.0661 0.0898
2023-01-11 0.0797 0.0663 0.09089
2023-01-12 0.0777 0.0655 0.0897
2023-01-13 0.0797 0.0679 0.0914
2023-01-16 0.0823 0.07061 0.0941
2023-01-17 0.0677 0.0559 0.0800
2023-01-18 0.0697 0.0582 0.08072
2023-01-19 0.0677 0.0568 0.08035
2023-01-20 0.0697 0.0589 0.0816
2023-01-23 0.0723 0.06031 0.0839
sirc stock price 2023

sirc stock forecast 2025

As per our stock Forecast the sirc stock forecast 2025, is quite unpredictable due to low market capitalization and growing competition in the solar market like TESLA SOLAR CELL. If the company keeps performing the way it performed in the year 2022. The Stock Price of SIRC can touch the $2 mark, but as we all know that market forecasts are mostly impossible to predict, you should do good research before investing in the stock


  1. Should I invest in Solar Integrated Roofing stock?

    Solar Integrated Roofing Corp stock is a bad long-term (1-year) investment based on our live Forecast System.

  2. What is Pink Sheet Stock?

    The Stocks are traded over the counter market. PINK SHEET STOCKS are not listed in any of the major exchanges as the New York Stock Exchange NYSE or NASDAQ represented Pink Sheet Exchange.

  3. What is the Solar Integrated Roofing stock price/share price today?

    The Solar Integrated Roofing stock price/share price today is $0.09 USD today.

  4. Is SIRC on Nasdaq?

    Yes, Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (NASDAQ: SIRC) is a publicly traded solar power company based in California.

  5. Where to buy SIRC stock?

    The SIRC stock is OTC traded as of now, So if you are looking to purchase some stocks it can be purchased from OTCMKTS

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