Quantumscape Stock Price Prediction: QS Growth up to 2030

Explore the future of Quantumscape Corp with a concise QS Stock Forecast for 2023-2030. Expectations suggest a substantial stock increase, and promising profits despite challenging fundamentals. Dive into our analysis of Quantumscape Corp’s business plans.

In this article, we will explore QuantumScape stock price prediction with QS Stock Forecast of $9 by 2023, $15.45 by mid-2024, $20 in 2025, $27.10 by 2030, and $30 in the next 10 years i.e. 2033.

  • The stock price forecast for QuantumScape indicates an average of $17.50 in 2025, with a high of $20.10 and a low of $12.95, reflecting a +38.78% increase from the last recorded price of $6.87.
  • In 2030, the average price is projected to be $35.41, with a high forecast of $66.04 and a low forecast of $14.78, showcasing an +816.17% surge from the last price.
  • The most recent financial data in September 2023 indicates a net loss of $110.62 million, reflecting a 5.99% increase year-over-year.

QuantumScape Corporation Class A Common Stock (QS) Overview

Quantumscape Stock Price Prediction

QuantumScape (NYSE: QS), a US-based company headquartered in San Jose, California, specializes in developing solid-state lithium metal batteries for electric vehicles. Established in 2010 by a team from Stanford University, including CEO Jagdeep Singh, QuantumScape has around 850 employees.

QuantumScape Corp (QS) is a pioneer in solid-state battery technology, reshaping the electric vehicle and energy storage sectors. Focused on advanced solutions, QS’s solid-state batteries provide notable benefits, including higher energy density, faster charging, and enhanced safety compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Their innovative battery design aims to transform the electric vehicle industry, expediting the shift to clean energy. QuantumScape has garnered significant attention from major automakers and secured substantial investments, showcasing remarkable progress in solid-state battery development.

Notable investors include Bill Gates, Volkswagen, Vanguard, Khosla Ventures, Capricorn Investment Group, BlackRock, and BNP Paribas Asset Management. The company’s solid-state batteries aim to replace traditional lithium-ion batteries, offering cost reduction and manufacturing simplicity through an anode-less cell design and a proprietary solid ceramic separator. For more information, visit www.quantumscape.com.

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Quantumscape Corp (QS) Financial Overview

According to current data QuantumScape Corporation (QS) opened at $6.88, with a day range of $6.81 to $7.13 and a 52-week range between $4.99 and $13.86. The market capitalization stands at $3.41 billion.

QuantumScape stock price prediction
DAY RANGE$6.81 – $7.13
52 WEEK RANGE$4.99 – $13.86
P/E RATIO (EPS)N/A (-$0.98)

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Quarterly Financials (USD)Sep 2023Y/Y
Net Income-$110.62M+5.99%
Earnings CallsPreviousEPSRevenue
Sep 2023Beat 29.38%Not specifiedMet

QuantumScape Stock Price Prediction

QuantumScape Corp (QS) is currently priced at $6.97, with a 24-hour trading volume of 3.58M. Over the last 24 hours, the stock increased by +0.43%, and it saw a notable rise of +21.22% in the past month.

QS stock price is above the pivot point level of $6.94, indicating a potential bullish market. A continuation toward the resistance level of $7.04 may lead to significant changes.

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QuantumScape Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

Based on the latest Quantumscape share price forecast 2025 is anticipated to achieve an average price target of $17.02 by 2025, with a high prediction of $20.10 and a low estimate of $12.95. This suggests a potential +38.78% increase from the last recorded price of $6.87.

In 2026, QuantumScape Corp Stock (QS) is forecasted to average $4.66, ranging from $0.1777 to $9.14, a -91.32% change from $6.87. For 2027, the average target is $30.66, with a high of $61.04 and a low of $0.2866, indicating a +445.42% increase.

In 2028, the average is $28.99, with a high of $37.10 and a low of $20.89, showing a +349.76% rise. The 2029 forecast is $23.52 on average, with a high of $31.08 and a low of $15.96, reflecting a +128.97% increase from the prior price of $6.87.

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QuantumScape Stock Price Prediction 2030

Long-term QS price forecast by our analysts for QuantumScape Stock Price Prediction 2030 is projected to reach an average price of $35.41 in 2030, which may hit a high forecast of $66.04 and a low forecast of $14.78. This indicates a substantial +816.17% surge from the last recorded price of $6.87.

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Why is QuantumScape (QS) stock dropping down today?

QuantumScape Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

QuantumScape (QS) stock is down 6.2% in Thursday’s trading, attributed to several factors. Firstly, despite posting Q3 2023 results with a smaller-than-expected loss, the market reaction led to the decline. The company reported a loss per share of $0.23, beating the estimated $0.39 loss.

Secondly, QuantumScape’s speculative outlook, marked by substantial losses and uncertainty around product demand and profitability, contributes to the stock downturn. Lastly, the broader cautious sentiment among investors, especially regarding growth-dependent stocks, is impacting QS amid the prevailing trend of valuation pullback.


QuantumScape Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 conclusion

QuantumScape, a forefront player in solid-state battery technology, continues to draw attention with its ambitious stock price projections and advancements in battery development. The company’s focus on electric vehicles and clean energy solutions positions it as a key player in the evolving landscape.

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  1. What is QuantumScape’s stock price forecast for 2025?

    According to the latest analysis, the average QS Stock forecast for 2025 is $7.02, with a high of $21.10 and a low of $10.95.

  2. What is the expected QS stock price Forecast in 2030?

    Based on the latest analyst’s prediction the average price target for 2030 is expected to be $35.41, with a high of $56.04 and a low of $14.78.

  3. Where is QuantumScape headquartered?

    QuantumScape is headquartered in San Jose, California founded in 2010 by researchers from Stanford University, including CEO Jagdeep Singh.

  4. What is the QS stock 12-month price target?

    The 12-month stock price forecast for QS stock is $13.73, indicating a 70.15% increase, with a low target of $4.10 and a high of $28.25.

  5. Is QuantumScape (QS) a promising investment for 2025?

    QuantumScape (QS) is a strong BUY for 2025, set for accelerated growth. Priced at $10 or less, it’s a compelling opportunity, with a projected target of $25.

  6. Can I invest in QuantumScape Corporation?

    Yes, Despite potential volatility, the outlook suggests substantial returns, making it an attractive investment for those comfortable with market fluctuations.

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