Blackrock Net Worth: Larry Fink on move again delighted 2023

Blackrock Net Worth: A total of over $10 trillion in assets was managed by BlackRock, about 40% of the US GDP (nominal $25.347 trillion in 2022). Market capitalization is a measure of a company’s value based on its current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. BlackRock’s net worth is $99.48 billion on March 23, 2023.

BlackRock, Inc. reported earnings results for the fourth quarter and full year that ended December 31, 2022. Revenue for the fourth quarter was USD 4,337 million, up from USD 5,106 million a year ago. Net income for the fourth quarter was USD 1,259 million compared with USD 1,643 million a year ago.

As of last year, basic earnings per share from continuing operations were USD 8.39, up from USD 10.82. For the full year, revenue was USD 17,873 million compared to USD 19,374 million a year ago. Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations were USD 8.29 compared to USD 10.63 a year ago.

Basic earnings per share from continuing operations were USD 34.31 compared to USD 38.76 a year ago. Diluted earnings per share from continuing operations were USD 33.97 compared to USD 38.22.

Blackrock Net Worth
Blackrock Net Worth

From an eight-person start-up 30 years ago, BlackRock has grown into a global company that manages more assets than any other investment manager on the planet. As BLK has demonstrated over the past three decades, They are committed to delivering long-term value to their clients and shareholders through their platform, their people, and BLK’S technology.

Blackrock History | Blackrock Net Worth

In 1988, eight people, dedicated to putting clients first, began BlackRock in a single room. This shared commitment led to the creation of Aladdin, their proprietary technology used to provide risk management transparency and innovation on a grand scale.

The firm’s Initial Public Offering of $14 per share on the New York Stock Exchange in October made it possible for BlackRock to start building relationships with global institutions. This resulted in them gaining $165 billion in assets under management by the end of 1999.

In 2000, BlackRock Solutions was formed based on Aladdin which signaled the company’s entry into providing technology services. In 2006, they took things one step further by purchasing Merrill Lynch Investment Management thus expanding their presence internationally and increasing their reach in retail markets.

During the financial crisis, they acted as a critical advisor to many worldwide institutions. Two years later, they took control of Barclay’s Global Investors (BGI) naming it the largest asset manager with employees located across 24 countries all over the world.

Nine years after this feat, the organization launched its BlackRock Retirement Solutions Group, determined to find innovative ways to alleviate retirement issues. By 2019 two-thirds of its managed assets were related to retirement funds.

Blackrock Founders

BlackRock was founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Hugh Frater, Ralph Schlosstein, and Keith Anderson to provide institutional clients with asset management services.

Larry Fink – BlackRock

Cofounder, CEO, BlackRock

Larry Finks Net Worth is estimated to be $729 Million dollars as of November 22, 2022. He owns over 40,960 units of Blackrock net worth of over $384,797,041 and has sold BLK stock worth over $319,490,554 over the last five years.

Larry Fink Ceo OF blackrock

About Larry Fink

  • BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset managers, was founded by CEO, and chairman Larry Fink.
  • Originally part of The Blackstone Group, BlackRock was founded by Larry Fink and seven partners in 1988.
  • The company went public in 1999 after being spun off from Blackstone in 1994.
  • Blackrock manages $8.7 trillion in assets today.
  • Larry Fink was a managing director at The First Boston Corporation before starting BlackRock.

Blackrock Inc. (BLK) NASDAQ: BLK

Blackrock Stock Price (BLK), Marketcap, Financial Details

IndustryInvestment Bankers/Brokers/Service
1 Year Target$820.00
Today’s High/Low$647.82/$638.085
Share Volume290,021
Average Volume684,063
Previous Close$651.78
52 Week High/Low$788.65/$503.1236
Blackrock Net Worth (Credits – NASDAQ)
Market Cap96,437,190,588
P/E Ratio18.93
Forward P/E 1 Yr.18.71
Earnings Per Share(EPS)$33.95
Annualized Dividend$20.00
Ex-Dividend DateMar 6, 2023
Dividend Pay DateMar 23, 2023
Current YieldN/A
Blackrock Net Worth

Blackrock Inc. (BLK) Share Price

Blackrock Inc. (BLK) Share Price
Blackrock Inc. (BLK) Share Price(Blackrock Net Worth)

With its subsidiaries, BlackRock, Inc., is a leading publicly traded investment management firm. It offers single- and multi-asset portfolios that invest in equities, fixed income, alternatives, and money market instruments.

A variety of vehicles are available, including open-end and closed-end mutual funds, iShares(TM) and BlackRock exchange-traded funds, separate accounts, collective trust funds, and other pooled investment vehicles.

Additionally, BlackRock offers technology services, including Aladdin(TM), Aladdin Wealth, eFront, and Cachematrix, as well as advisory services and solutions to a broad base of institutional and wealth management clients.

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Blackrock Historical Returns

YearAverage Stock PriceYear OpenYear HighYear LowYear CloseAnnual % Change
Blackrock Historica Annual Data Credits- (microtrends)/Blackrock Net Worth

Blackrock Current Holdings

StockCompany Name% of PortfolioShares OwnedValueChange in SharesAverage Buy PriceDate
AAPLApple Inc4.20%1.03B$ 133.73B0.88% (+8.96M)$33.47 (+378.8%)2022-12-31
MSFTMicrosoft Corp4.01%532.04M$ 127.59B2.54% (+13.20M)$79.6 (+252.5%)2022-12-31
AMZNAmazon Com Inc1.57%594.72M$ 49.96B2.16% (+12.59M)$56.09 (+75.0%)2022-12-31
UNHUnitedhealth Group Inc1.24%74.42M$ 39.45B4.31% (+3.07M)$194.26 (+145.0%)2022-12-31
GOOGLAlphabet Inc1.15%415.92M$ 36.70B1.09% (+4.47M)$46.16 (+128.4%)2022-12-31
JNJJohnson & Johnson1.10%198.80M$ 35.12B-0.55% (-1.09M)$123.93 (+23.2%)2022-12-31
GOOGAlphabet Inc1.02%364.70M$ 32.36B0.03% (+107.39k)$38.37 (+176.4%)2022-12-31
BRKBBerkshire Hathaway Inc Del1.01%104.57M$ 32.30B0.8% (+830.82k)$171.79 (+79.8%)2022-12-31
XOMExxon Mobil Corp1.01%291.19M$ 32.12B3.69% (+10.37M)$84.16 (+23.0%)2022-12-31
IVVIshares Tr0.89%73.55M$ 28.26B7.69% (+5.25M)$271.66 (+46.3%)2022-12-31
NVDANvidia Corporation0.83%179.82M$ 26.28B1.94% (+3.42M)$44.83 (+497.3%)2022-12-31
JPMJpmorgan Chase & Co0.82%194.93M$ 26.14B-1.48% (-2.94M)$89.14 (+40.1%)2022-12-31
VVisa Inc0.81%124.90M$ 25.95B1.53% (+1.89M)$95.25 (+132.1%)2022-12-31
CVXChevron Corp New0.76%135.34M$ 24.29B4.17% (+5.41M)$115.61 (+35.0%)2022-12-31
PGProcter And Gamble Co0.76%159.69M$ 24.20B-1.37% (-2.22M)$90.26 (+62.6%)2022-12-31
HDHome Depot Inc0.76%76.26M$ 24.09B6.69% (+4.78M)$154.85 (+82.8%)2022-12-31
MRKMerck & Co Inc0.75%214.73M$ 23.82B0.1% (+223.63k)$64.87 (+61.6%)2022-12-31
LLYLilly Eli & Co0.75%65.08M$ 23.81B2.75% (+1.74M)$98.5 (+241.2%)2022-12-31
PFEPfizer Inc0.71%442.87M$ 22.69B2.37% (+10.25M)$34.8 (+16.1%)2022-12-31
MAMastercard Incorporated0.71%64.60M$ 22.46B0.99% (+632.92k)$119.88 (+193.3%)2022-12-31
ABBVAbbvie Inc0.70%138.70M$ 22.41B4.32% (+5.74M)$77.59 (+103.7%)2022-12-31
TSLATesla Inc0.69%177.73M$ 21.89B3.42% (+5.87M)$87.6 (+117.4%)2022-12-31
PEPPepsico Inc0.62%110.13M$ 19.89B3.17% (+3.39M)$115.21 (+55.4%)2022-12-31
KOCoca Cola Co0.62%310.96M$ 19.78B2.98% (+9.01M)$45.21 (+34.7%)2022-12-31
METAMeta Platforms Inc0.57%151.76M$ 18.26B0.71% (+1.08M)$138.65 (+48.6%)2022-12-31
TMOThermo Fisher Scientific Inc0.53%30.79M$ 16.96B0.33% (+100.36k)$208.43 (+167.8%)2022-12-31
AVGOBroadcom Inc0.52%29.34M$ 16.41B0.32% (+92.71k)$241.8 (+163.1%)2022-12-31
CSCOCisco Sys Inc0.51%343.40M$ 16.36B-0.13% (-463.34k)$34.3 (+47.3%)2022-12-31
BACBk Of America Corp0.49%471.84M$ 15.63B-1.01% (-4.81M)$22.74 (+19.3%)2022-12-31
ABTAbbott Labs0.48%137.94M$ 15.14B3.45% (+4.60M)$53.88 (+82.0%)2022-12-31
IXUSIshares Tr0.45%249.45M$ 14.44B-4.56% (-11.91M)$58.45 (+2.5%)2022-12-31
WMTWalmart Inc0.43%97.02M$ 13.76B0.47% (+452.48k)$79.04 (+79.4%)2022-12-31
COSTCostco Whsl Corp New0.43%29.97M$ 13.68B-0.3% (-91.64k)$196.85 (+151.6%)2022-12-31
MCDMcdonalds Corp0.43%51.57M$ 13.59B3.34% (+1.67M)$138.69 (+95.6%)2022-12-31
DHRDanaher Corporation0.42%50.84M$ 13.49B5.28% (+2.55M)$116.89 (+112.3%)2022-12-31
VZVerizon Communications Inc0.41%331.03M$ 13.04B3.7% (+11.80M)$51.25 (-26.5%)2022-12-31
TXNTexas Instrs Inc0.40%77.28M$ 12.77B2.78% (+2.09M)$89.78 (+99.9%)2022-12-31
AMGNAmgen Inc0.40%48.51M$ 12.74B3.51% (+1.64M)$163.58 (+45.5%)2022-12-31
ACNAccenture Plc Ireland0.40%47.40M$ 12.65B2.24% (+1.04M)$142.45 (+90.9%)2022-12-31
BMYBristol-myers Squibb Co0.39%172.73M$ 12.43B-0.73% (-1.27M)$56.94 (+18.9%)2022-12-31
ADBEAdobe Systems Incorporated0.39%36.85M$ 12.40B0.64% (+233.45k)$170.81 (+119.5%)2022-12-31
NEENextera Energy Inc0.38%146.41M$ 12.24B2.3% (+3.29M)$35.52 (+113.1%)2022-12-31
COPConocophillips0.36%97.05M$ 11.45B0.37% (+357.77k)$50.95 (+87.3%)2022-12-31
CMCSAComcast Corp New0.36%327.38M$ 11.45B3.03% (+9.62M)$36.01 (-0.2%)2022-12-31
GILDGilead Sciences Inc0.35%131.56M$ 11.29B2.41% (+3.10M)$68.83 (+16.2%)2022-12-31
ELVElevance Health Inc0.35%21.56M$ 11.06B2.4% (+506.03k)$173.81 (+162.8%)2022-12-31
WFCWells Fargo Co New0.35%266.78M$ 11.02B1.39% (+3.65M)$52.13 (-30.5%)2022-12-31
DISDisney Walt Co0.33%120.62M$ 10.48B4.21% (+4.87M)$110.5 (-14.9%)2022-12-31
PMPhilip Morris Intl Inc0.32%102.16M$ 10.34B1.2% (+1.21M)$99.13 (-8.5%)2022-12-31
LINLinde Plc0.32%31.52M$ 10.28B-1.01% (-322.05k)$194.71 (+77.1%)2022-12-31
PLDPrologis Inc.0.32%90.77M$ 10.23B21.55% (+16.09M)$72.77 (+60.8%)2022-12-31
RTXRaytheon Technologies Corp0.32%101.15M$ 10.21B2.89% (+2.84M)$78.29 (+23.2%)2022-12-31
IBMInternational Business Machs0.32%72.34M$ 10.19B3.47% (+2.43M)$161.66 (-22.5%)2022-12-31
Blackrock Current Holdings – data credits (hedgeFollow)/Blackrock Net Worth

Blackrock Inc. (BLK) Stock, Bearish, or Bullish Buy

As from data from Blackrock Net Worth per Technical Buy is 95%, Sentiments sell is 70% & Analysts say strong buy is 85%.

Blackrock News 2023

i Share by black rock

Mergers of iShares ETFs announced by BlackRock Canada – The BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited (“BlackRock Canada”) is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK) has announced the exchange ratios for the merger of certain iShares exchange-traded funds… Read More

Black Rock News Today

BlackRock Retains skeptical boards about ‘material’ climate risks – InBlackrock News Today By Reuters, in spite of criticism from some U.S. politicians for its stance on energy transition, BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest asset manager, said on Thursday it will continue to push companies for details on how they treat “material” climate risk… Read More

FAQ – Blackrock Net Worth

  1. What does Blackrock exactly do?

    BlackRock invests for the future on behalf of its clients, inspires employees, and supports local communities.

  2. How large is Blackrock company?

    Blackrock company is one of the world’s largest providers of investment, advisory, and risk management services.

  3. Who owns Blackrock company?

    In 1988, Larry Fink, Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Hugh Frater, Ralph Schlosstein, and Keith Anderson founded BlackRock to provide institutional clients with asset management services.

  4. What is the real name of Larry Fink?

    Laurence Fink is the real name of Larry Fink.

  5. Who has the maximum share Hold in Blackrock?

    The Vanguard Group is Blackrock’s biggest shareholder.

  6. What is the official Blackrock Net Worth?

    The official Blackrock Net Worth is $97.4B as on March 2023

  7. What is Blackrock’s historical stock price?

    The Blackrock price as on 25 March is $644.88 USD

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