Nio Stock Forecast 2025 Price Prediction 2030, 2040, 2050

Today with the help of this blog post we will share some vital information about Nio Inc. Stock which would help in future investments for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, and 2060. We will also discover the fair Value of NIO Inc. (NYSE: NIO) Stock Forecast for Tomorrow, Next Week, 14 days, and Long-Term NIO Inc. 

Nio Inc. (NIO) is one of the most blazingly fast-growing EV companies in the most recent trading day’s closing is now priced at $4.33, indicating a -1.81% change from the previous closing price. Investors and most stock market analysts closely watch Nio stock prices, particularly focusing on the Nio Hong Kong stock and its performance.

Key Takeaways:

Fair Value of Nio Stock Forecast for Tomorrow$4.80 represent a 4.28% gain
Nio Stock Forecast for Next Week$4.80 represents a 4.40% gain
Fair Value Nio Stock Forecast for 14 Days$5.05 represents a 4.91% potential upside

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About NIO Inc. (NIO) Stock Official Lookout

NIO Inc. stands at the forefront of the premium smart electric vehicle industry. Established in November 2014, NIO’s mission is to cultivate a joyful lifestyle by creating a vibrant community centered around smart electric vehicles. NIO’s offerings include designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling high-end smart EVs, while pioneering advancements in assisted and intelligent driving, digital technologies, electric powertrains, and batteries.

What sets NIO apart are its relentless technological innovations, such as cutting-edge battery swapping technologies, the innovative Battery as a Service (BaaS) model, and proprietary NIO Assisted and Intelligent Driving systems, complemented by a suite of subscription services. Through these efforts, NIO continuously redefines the electric vehicle (EV) experience.

Company Profile

Company NameNio Inc – ADR
HeadquartersJiading District Shanghai, China
Establishment YearFounded in 2014
FounderMr. Lihong Qin
CEOMr. William Li
Number of Employees32,820
Segmentsmanufactures and sells premium smart electric vehicles
IndustryAuto Manufacturing, Electric Vehicle (EV)


Nio stock, a company specializing in premium smart electric vehicles, closed yesterday at $4.41 per share. At the start of today’s trading session, it opened at $4.36. Throughout the day, Nio’s stock price fluctuated between $4.29 and $4.38. Looking back over the past year, Nio’s stock has seen a range from $3.61 to $16.18. Today, a total of 23,162,628 shares of Nio were traded, with an average of 55,258,836 shares traded daily.

Previous Close$4.4100
Day’s Range$4.2900 – $4.3800
52 Week Range$3.6100 – $16.1800
Avg. Volume55,258,836

Currently, Nio holds a Market Capitalization of approximately $9.192 billion. Looking ahead, Nio’s Forward Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratio for the coming year is -3.22, indicating expectations for future earnings. The Earnings Per Share (EPS) for the trailing twelve months (TTM) stands at -$1.70.

Analysts came up with an estimated one-year Target Price of $6.00 per share with a high forecast of $15.00, though their price fell by −0.080% on the last day (Friday, 14th Jun 2024) from $4.41 to $4.33.

Market Cap (intraday)$9.192B
Beta (5Y Monthly)1.79
Forward P/E 1 Yr.-3.22
EPS (TTM)-$1.7000
Earnings DateAug 27, 2024 – Sep 2, 2024
Forward Dividend & YieldN/A
1y Target Est$6.00

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Nio. Inc (NIO) Historical Growth Chart

Nio Stock Forecast
Nio. Inc (NIO) Historical Growth Chart By Trading View

Long-Term Nio Stock Forecast and Price Prediction for 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060

Our long-term Nio stock Forecast represents that Nio stock Price Prediction will reach $5.34 in 2024, $10.50 by 2025, $35 by 2030, $101.20 in 2040, $150.45 in 2050, and $200 in 2060.


Nio Stock Forecast 2024

The current NIO stock price prediction forecasts a price increase of 12.80% to $5.94 by June 22, 2024. This NIO Inc. shares forecast could range from a low of $4.00 to a high of $16.00 per share from the last closing price of $4.49.

Nio Stock Forecast 2025

The NIO Inc. stock prediction for 2025 is currently priced at an average target of $ 12.00, hoping that NIO Inc. shares will keep its average yearly growth rate as NIO did in the last ten years. This would impact a 155.12% increase in the NIO stock price.

Nio Stock Forecast 2030

By 2030, the NIO Inc. stock may hit an average price target of $45.25 if it maintains its ongoing ten-year mean growth rate. If this NIO Inc. stock prediction for 2030 comes true, NIO Shares will grow 780% from its current price.

Moreover, if Nio has to reach $100 by 2030, Nio. Inc shares should meet a condition, a CAGR must rise more than 40% and climb 13.5 times from their current price.

Nio Stock Forecast 2035

By 2035, NIO’s stock is anticipated to range from $101.35 to $190.55, forecasting the company’s evolution into a major player in the EV industry.

Nio Stock Forecast 2040

NIO Inc. (NIO) stock price prediction forecasts an exponential growth of 1791.78% in 2040 if NIO follows the S&P 500 index’s multi-year growth rate it could reach as high as $101.20 in 2040.

Nio Stock Forecast 2045

Our Nio stock price prediction calculation expects Nio Inc.’s stock price to hit $15.05 in 2045. We forecast a +2217.98% rise in the 20-year growth period in NIO stock price.

Nio Stock Forecast 2050

Based on our optimistic Nio forecast, Nio could potentially achieve a trillion-dollar valuation by 2050. Nio’s shares could stabilize at $150.45 by 2050. In a scenario where economic conditions stabilize without significant fluctuations.

Nio Stock Forecast 2060

Based on our latest Nio stock prediction for 2060, We believe Nio Inc. shares will be priced at an average price target of $200 with a rise of 3656.95% from the $Nio stock price.

Nio Inc. (Nio) Stock Discussion Community for NIO Investors

Nio Stock on Reddit: | Nio Stocktwits: Track Nio Inc. (NIO)

Conclusion: Is NIO Inc ADR (Nio) shares worth Buying for longterm?

NIO Inc. shares are worth buying for the long term depending on individual risk tolerance, investment horizon, and confidence in NIO’s ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities within the EV industry.

What is Nio Inc.’s Stock forecast for 2024?

Our forecast for Nio stock price in 2024 now indicates Nio’s U.S.-traded shares mean price target of 7.63, an average price target of $7.73 with a high forecast of $16.73 and a low forecast of $4.80.

Will NIO Inc. stock reach $1,000?

In the year 2023, few people with high hopes for NIO expected it to reach $1000, but their dreams were shattered with the downfall of Nio Inc. shares due to its deliveries and operating losses.

What is the 2025 Nio Share price target?

Based on the latest forecasts, Nio share price will hit $10.50 in the mid-year and range between 10.50 to $16 by the end of 2025.

Why is Nio’s price falling so much now?

We can only hope Nio gains some momentum climbing over other Chinese EVs and comes back as a King of electric vehicles.

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