Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2025 Growth

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2025 is 207.05. (MRNA) is presently valued at $77.08, exhibiting a day range between $75.90 and $77.67. Over the last 52 weeks, the stock has seen fluctuations in the range of $62.55 to $217.25.

Moderna’s market capitalization stands at $30.11 billion, with 381.28 million shares outstanding and a public float of 331.3 million. The stock’s beta is 0.63, indicating moderate volatility and the revenue per employee is $2.325 million. Key financial metrics such as the P/E ratio, yield, and dividend are not available.

As of October 31, 2023, short interest in Moderna stock is 19.61 million shares, constituting 5.92% of the float. The average trading volume is approximately 4.21 million shares. Regarding performance, Moderna stock has shown a 4.10% increase in the last 5 days but has declined by -3.28%, -33.64%, and -57.05% over the past 1 month, 3 months, and year-to-date, respectively.

Moderna (MRNA) stock experienced a significant decline in early November following the release of its September-quarter results. Although the COVID-19 vaccine maker exceeded sales expectations for the quarter, it reported substantial losses and provided conservative guidance. Despite this,

Moderna maintains its outlook for at least $6 billion in sales for the year, which falls short of the initial analyst projections of $6.87 billion. Analysts have since revised their expectations to $6.43 billion for the year. Moderna anticipates 2024 to be a “trough year” with sales expected to reach $4 billion, below the earlier estimates of $6.05 billion.

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2025

What Lies Ahead After Covid Vaccinations?

Investors are closely monitoring Moderna’s collaboration with Merck on a specialized cancer vaccine designed to trigger an immune response against a patient’s own tumor cells. Initial results indicate a 65% reduction in the likelihood of cancer spreading or causing death in melanoma patients compared to Merck’s Keytruda alone.

Keytruda is the standard post-surgery treatment for melanoma. The Phase 3 study for this regimen is underway and is expected to conclude in 2029. Additionally, Moderna and Merck plan to initiate a Phase 3 study for their vaccine in non-small cell lung cancer later this year. Apart from cancer, Moderna has a breakthrough designation for its RSV shot, demonstrating nearly 84% efficacy against mild disease and over 82% effectiveness against severe RSV in older adults.

While the FDA has approved RSV vaccines from GSK and Pfizer, Moderna anticipates launching its RSV shot in 2024. Moreover, Moderna has revealed promising outcomes for a potential treatment for propionic acidemia, a rare genetic condition, showcasing positive results in reducing metabolic decompensation symptoms after a year of treatment.

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Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2023

In 2023, the average price of Moderna (MRNA) stock is projected to be $77.30, with a low of $61.55

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2024

In 2024, the projected average price of Moderna (MRNA) stock is $120.13, with a low estimate of $78.21 and a high estimate of $120.20. This forecast suggests a significant increase of +54.43% from today’s current stock price. Investors may consider this information for their future investment strategies and decisions related to Moderna stock.

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2025

Based on the latest analysis for MRNA, the anticipated Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2025 will have an average price target of $207.23, with a low estimate of $119.79 and a high estimate of $215.08. This forecast indicates a substantial increase of +167.34% from today’s current stock price.

MonthAverageLowHighchange from today’s price
March 2025$121.97$118.79$121.30+54.77%
February, 2025$122.16$123.16$124.06+57.58%
April 2025$125.16$128.17$130.06+61.41%
April, 2025$131.08$125.06$143.05+66.43%
May 2025$145.30$139.06$148.13+88.44%
June 2025$163.78$144.15169.13+109.51%
July 2025$181.02$163.77$204.85+130.30%
August 2025$184.47$174.55$188.20+136.54%
September 2025$195.75$178.58$219.08January 2025
October 2025$196.66$192.44$209.06+147.78%
November 2025$190.23$184.10$189.52+142.10%
December 2025$205.23$190.67$205.28+167.34%

Moderna (MRNA)Stock Price Forecast 2026

For the year 2026, the projected average price of Moderna (MRNA) stock is $617.37. The low estimate stands at $200.72, while the high estimate is $662.14. This forecast suggests a substantial increase of +700.33% from today’s current stock price.

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2027

In the year 2027, analysts project an average price of $367.28 for Moderna (MRNA) stock. The low estimate is $311.06, and the high estimate is $629.83. This forecast implies a potential gain of +374.82% from the current stock price.

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2028

For the year 2028, market analysts anticipate Moderna (MRNA) stock to have an average price of $366.76. The low estimate stands at $329.14, while the high estimate is projected to reach $439.05. This forecast suggests a potential increase of +367.67%

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2029

In 2029, Moderna’s stock is projected to experience significant fluctuations, with an average price estimated at $181.22. The low-end forecast suggests a potential dip to $137.34,

while the high-end prediction anticipates a surge to $371.35. This outlook indicates a substantial change of +131.85% from today’s price.

Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2030

In the year 2030, Moderna’s stock is anticipated to witness notable movements, with an average projected price of $302.42. The forecast indicates a potential low of $200.57 and a high of $350.98, reflecting a significant change of +224.23% from the current price

FAQ: Moderna Stock Price Forecast 2025

What is the future price prediction for Moderna?

According to the analysis of 17 financial experts, the 12-month price forecasts for Moderna Inc. suggest a median target of $118.00, with a high estimate of $300.00 and a low estimate of $52.00. The median estimate implies a potential increase of +53.03% from the current stock price of $77.11.

Does Moderna pay dividends?

 Moderna, Inc. does not pay dividends.

Why Moderna is better?

Recent studies indicate that both mRNA vaccines available in the United States are highly effective against severe COVID-19. However, there is evidence suggesting that Moderna’s vaccine generates a more robust immune response, potentially making it more effective in preventing breakthrough infections.

How many shares does Moderna currently have outstanding?

Moderna has 380.59 million shares

what is Moderna stock price forecast 2025?

According to our analyst’s projection for Moderna stock price forecast 2025 is expected to reach a high price of $207.23 from its current price.

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