Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040 Growth in 10 Years

Walt Disney Company (The), a long-standing giant in entertainment and media, is famous for its creativity and storytelling as per expert analysis, the long-term price forecast for Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) looks promising.

Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025, 2030, 2040 Growth in 10 Years is predicted to show positive growth, aiming to reach $170 by mid-2025 and $182 by the year’s end. Looking further ahead, the forecast suggests a rise from $190 in 2026 to $257 by 2030, indicating a significant 147% increase. By the end of 2027, the target is set at $205, followed by a projected $225 by the end of 2029.

DIS share price today is $118.38, which represents a 1.10% increase (+$1.29) for the day. These forecasts suggest a positive outlook for Disney’s stock performance in the coming 5 to 10 years.

Key stats for Disney stock price prediction

  • By mid-2025, the Disney stock price is expected to reach $170, and by the end of 2025, it is predicted to rise to $182.
  • Looking ahead to 2026, the forecast indicates a starting price of $190.
  • By the end of 2030, the Disney stock price is expected to increase significantly to $257, representing a 147% rise from 2026.
  • Intermediate targets include reaching $205 by the end of 2027 and $225 by the end of 2029.

How will Disney enforce the crackdown on shared passwords?

Disney, following Netflix’s lead, has announced plans to crack down on users who share their account passwords, aiming to boost its profit margin. Starting this summer, Disney will encourage users to subscribe to their own accounts instead of relying on borrowed passwords. This initiative, as reported by CNBC based on an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger, is set to launch in June in select countries and markets, with a full rollout scheduled for September.

Speaking about Disney’s streaming growth, Iger highlighted that Disney has quickly become second to Netflix in terms of global streaming subscribers. Despite significant losses, Iger emphasized the need for a growth-oriented business strategy. To achieve this growth, Disney plans to enhance customer engagement and recommendation engines. The recent integration of Hulu, featuring popular shows like “Shogun,” is expected to attract new viewers.

While Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing in 2023 and subsequent subscription fee increases led to subscriber growth, it faced criticism from some users who felt it unfairly penalized legitimate users, particularly those sharing accounts with family members across different households.

About Walt Disney Company (The)

The Walt Disney Company is a global entertainment giant with two main segments: Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED), and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products (DPEP). DMED handles global film and TV content production and distribution, including Linear Networks, Direct-to-Consumer, and Content Sales/Licensing.

DPEP focuses on theme park admissions, food, merchandise sales, cruise vacations, vacation club properties, intellectual property licensing, and branded merchandise sales. The Content Sales/Licensing business involves selling film and TV content in television, subscription video-on-demand, and home entertainment markets.

In the past three years, the stock experienced a peak at a record USD 195-200 in March 2021, followed by a descent to a robust support level ranging between USD 85-95. The big question: will this downward trend persist, or can we expect a rebound from the support level?

Disney Stock Price Prediction 2023

Disney Stock Price Prediction

According to TipRanks, the average price target for Walt Disney (DIS) is $106.52. This consensus is derived from the analysis of 25 Wall Street analysts’ 12-month price targets, issued in the past three months. The highest analyst price target is optimistic at $120.00, while the lowest forecast is more conservative at $71.00. On average, this suggests a 13.14% increase from the current stock price of $94.15

Disney Stock Price Prediction 2024

YEARDisney Stock Forecast 2024
2024$109.37 – $118.84

Disney’s current stock price is $118.38. According to the latest long-term forecast, the Disney stock price prediction 2024 is expected to reach $145 by the end of 2024 and Disney stock will capture the market in 2024.

Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025

YEARDisney Stock Forecast 2025
2025$150 – $220

As of now, Disney’s stock price is $118.38. Based on the latest long-term forecast, it is projected that Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025 to reach $150 in the beginning of 2025 and further increase to $220 by the end of 2025.

Disney Stock Price Prediction 2030

YEARDisney Stock Forecast 2030
2030$135.40 – $210.10

Based on our analysis, the forecast for DIS stock Price Forecast in 2030 suggests a promising trajectory. The Disney stock price prediction in 2030 will begin at $135.40 with a significant rise to $210.10 in the first half and concludes at a robust $165.50 by the end of 2030.

Disney stock price Prediction 2035

YEARDisney Stock Forecast 2035
2030$210.10 – $385.20

Forecasting always comes with uncertainties, but based on our analysis, the range for Disney stock price prediction in 2035 is expected to range between $210.10 and $385.20.

What will Disney Stock Price be Worth in 10 years?

To predict future stock prices, analysts look at their estimates. According to Nasdaq, the average one-year price target for Disney is $116.71. Analysts think Disney’s stock might go up by about 5% in a year. Some analysts are more optimistic, expecting it to reach $136, while others are less positive, predicting it could drop back to around $82, similar to last fall’s levels.

Disney Stock Latest News

Disney Stock price today

Disney stock hitting a nine-year low suggests a challenging period for the company. Evaluating its performance in comparison to peers is crucial for understanding the broader market dynamics. READ MORE

The decision by Apple and Disney to pause advertising on X comes in response to a tweet by Elon Musk that reportedly boosted antisemitic content. This move reflects a corporate response to social responsibility concerns and aligns with efforts to address issues related to hate speech and discrimination. READ MORE

Considering Walt Disney (DIS) and Vivendi (VIVHY) for your portfolio depends on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and market analysis. Both companies operate in the entertainment industry but have distinct characteristics. Disney is a global entertainment giant with diversified segments, including media, theme parks, and streaming. Vivendi, on the other hand, is a French media conglomerate.

The positive news of Disney’s stock gaining 7% is attributed to the company surpassing expectations in its recent results. This surge is linked to Disney’s successful cost-cutting efforts, achieving a target of $7.5 billion, and a notable increase in subscribers. READ MORE

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How high is Disney stock (DIS) expected to climb?

Based on the latest Disney stock (DIS) forecast is expected to reach a high estimate of 118.00 by the end of the year.

Is Disney company good long-term stock?

Disney stock’s long-term forecast has proven to be an outstanding investment over the long haul, demonstrating remarkable performance. However, in more recent decades, the stock has shown mixed results, indicating a fluctuating trend in its financial performance.

What is Disney stock forecast tomorrow?

The stock price target for Walt Disney Company (DIS) is expected to be $94.07 on the lower side and $95.05 on the higher side.

will Disney stock go up tomorrow?

According to the current trend analysis, the forecast suggests a 1.05% increase in the price of DIS stock tomorrow, with a further gain of 3.59% anticipated over the next 7 days.

Is it a Good time to Pick up Shares of Disney company?

Disney’s successful theme parks are a valuable part of the company, helping it make more money from its shows and movies. This, in turn, supports the goal of making its streaming service profitable by 2024.

Is Disney Stock a Buy Sell or Hold?


is Walt Disney stock worth buying? TipRanks indicates that Walt Disney (DIS) holds a consensus rating of Moderate Buy. This assessment is derived from 18 buy ratings, 5 hold ratings, and 1 sell rating.

What is Disney stock price today?

According to the latest Disney stock price 94.15 USD −0.41 (0.43%) as of 20-11-2030.

What is Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025?

Based on the current market trends Disney Stock Price Prediction 2025 can range between $118.02 – $135.40 from Today.

What is Disney Stock Price Prediction 2040?

Disney stock suggests a potentially significant estimate a range from $360 to $420 by the year 2040

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