Can Bitcoin reach $1M in 2025?

In 2020, the price was $8,821.42 on halving day, climbing to $10,943 after 150 days

Cryptocurrencies kicked off 2023 on a strong note

Bitcoin averaging a 0.39 rise in July, reaching approximately $31,000

As of October 31, 2023, BTC stands at $34,457, boasting a market capitalization of $673.1 billion and a market volume of $17.06 billion.

Crypto experts are optimistic, suggesting that Bitcoin might be on track to reach $1 million by the end of 2025, paving the way into 2026. 

In April 2023, Bitcoin hit $30,000, dipped to $26,000, and is now at $34,457. Experts say it needs to stay above $31,000 to potentially reach $60,000 by year-end.

Will Bitcoin Recover Again?

Bitcoin Halving History

In 2012, the price was $12.35 on halving day, rising to $127 after 150 days. In 2016, the price was $650.53 on halving day, reaching $758.81 after 150 days.

Bitcoin is anticipated to surpass $1 million in 2025, driven by its stock-to-flow ratio.

The live Bitcoin price today is $35346.54 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $17924174957.60 USD.

Bitcoin Price Today

The Bitcoin price prediction for 2025 is between $ 71,710 on the lower end and $ 177,384 on the high end.

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