Top 5 Best USB Bluetooth Adapters for Your Wireless Devices

The best usb bluetooth adapters adapter will manage all your Bluetooth-enabled devices over a considerable distance while maintaining a strong connection. The difference between most adapters is minimal and mostly comes down to Bluetooth version, speed, and range.

Adapters packed with Bluetooth 4.0 and above will serve you best as they have higher bandwidth and lower power consumption. That higher bandwidth is great for streaming audio to headsets or speakers, and the lower power draw means it won’t siphon away too much battery life to maintain a connection.

We’ve looked through the best Bluetooth USB adapters available to help you make the right choice on which adapter best suits your needs. So, whether you’re looking to stream music, transfer data, or enjoy some wireless gaming, MoneyMystica has you covered.

What are the best usb bluetooth adapters?

The best usb bluetooth adapters adapter is the Asus BT500. Combining Bluetooth 5 with an Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) allows the adapter to perform well across a number of tasks. In ideal conditions, Asus’ adapter can reach speeds of up to three megabytes per second (MBps) across a range of 40 meters. This makes the BT500 an ideal candidate for an at-home Bluetooth solution, for a more than fair price of $20.

Should your emphasis be exclusively on sending solid sound to Bluetooth-empowered speakers or headsets, picking a particular connector might suit you better? The Avantree DG80 is a sound-just Bluetooth connector that looks to convey better compared to Cd sound to your Bluetooth gadgets with as little slack as could be expected

1. Asus BT500

Best overall Bluetooth USB adapter

best usb bluetooth
best usb bluetooth-Asus BT500

The Asus BT500 is a best usb bluetooth 5.0 adapter that uses EDR to reach speeds of up to 3MBps, over twice that of Bluetooth 4.0. The BT500 is capable of pairing with up to seven devices at a time over a maximum range of 40 meters of open space. 

For $20, you’ll be able to use the Asus BT500 to connect to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices, including headsets, speakers, or game peripherals (including DualSense and Xbox Wireless controllers). Finding a reputable name in the Bluetooth market is often harder than you’d think, so having the Asus brand and a two-year warranty attached to this adapter should ease any concerns about quality.

If you’re a Windows user, Asus’ BT500 is an overall safe bet for your wireless needs. It’s fast, can handle a sizable amount of devices, and has a decent enough range to ensure your day-to-day computing needs.

Best USB Bluetooth
Best USB Bluetooth

2. Avantree DG80

Best audio-only Bluetooth USB adapter

usb 2 edited
Avantree DG80

USB Audio Transmitter for Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC. Phonak Hearing Aids Compatible, No Driver Installation.

Compatible with all major consoles, along with both Windows and Mac computers, the Avantree DG80 is an audio-only Bluetooth 5.0 adapter with good coverage for headsets and speakers. Able to reach devices at up to 65 feet (20 meters) indoors and 100 feet (30m) via line of sight, the Avantree DG80 is a fantastic wireless solution for your audio needs.

To emphasize the point, the DG80 is a sound-just Bluetooth connector, and that implies it will not interface with something besides headsets, soundbars, or speakers. Particular help for AptX Low Dormancy and FastStream work perfectly with viable gadgets to keep your sound slack-free and past Cd quality, making the DG80 a splendid go-to for remote sound in the home.

You can pick up the Avantree DG80 online for around $30, and if you’re looking for the best usb bluetooth to manage your audio needs, this adapter is well worth checking out. However, if you have more than audio in mind, it might be best to look for something else from our selection.

Best USB Bluetooth
Best USB Bluetooth

Best Windows Bluetooth 4.0 LE USB adapter

best usb adapter
best usb adapter

This Windows-only Bluetooth 4.0 LE adapter has a decent 65-foot (20m) range. It also has EDR and A2DP support for faster data rates of up to 3Mbps as well as stable stereo audio delivery. With Plug & Play support for Windows 8/8.1/10, you can get started in no time, pairing with up to seven devices, including game controllers, headsets, phones, and speakers.

You can pick up the TP-Link UB400 online for as little as $14, which isn’t a bad price for a branded Bluetooth adapter. There’s enough range available to never feel too shackled to your computer, and the UB400 is fast enough to compete with more expensive Bluetooth 5.0 adapters.

Thus, in the event that you own a Windows PC and believe a dependable Bluetooth connector should deal with your remote peripherals, the TP-Connection is a decent choice at an extraordinary cost.

4. Kinivo BTD-400

Best multi-OS Bluetooth 4.0 LE USB adapter


best usb bluetooth
best usb bluetooth adapters

The Kinivo BTD-400 supports a wide number of platforms including Windows (Vista and later), macOS (10.3.9 or later), Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, and Fedora), and any Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. Using Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the BTD-400 has a range of 33 feet (10m) and can reach speeds of 1MBps. 

While you’ll find the BTD-400’s operating support fairly extensive, when it comes to consoles, things aren’t so impressive. Unlike other adapters in our selection, the Kinivo won’t work as a Bluetooth adapter to manage your wireless headset for PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. You can, however, use any Bluetooth-enabled console controller with the BTD-400 if it is connected to a PC or laptop.

The Kinivo BTD-400 is found online for $15, which is a great price if you’re looking for an adapter that supports this number of operating systems. If console support is no issue for you, and you want a low-cost, reliable Bluetooth 4.0 LE adapter for your Mac, Linux, or Raspberry Pi, the Kinivo is well worth looking into.

5. ZEXMTE Long Range USB Bluetooth 5.0 adapter

Best long-range Bluetooth USB adapter

best usb bluetooth
best usb bluetooth

Applies the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and greatly reduces the power consumption of Bluetooth(BLE). The enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support, greatly improved the data transmission rate of Bluetooth technology, reaching 3Mbps. Easily enjoys music, transferring files, and entertainment during work.

The strongest selling point of the ZEXMTE Long Range USB Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is its incredible range. As a Class 1 Bluetooth 5.0 adapter, you can expect coverage of up to 328 feet (100m) at speeds of up to 3Mbps. ZEXMTE’s adapter employs an anti-interference ability that ignores the 2.4GHz frequency, avoiding any issues involving wireless traffic to ensure a stable connection. Thanks to its AptX Low Latency and EDR support, streaming audio to your devices should remain lag-free, even at distance.

Enhance anti-interference ability and stability, and reduce the transmission efficiency loss caused by the interference of the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Fast and further working distance than Bluetooth 4.0 Supports Bluetooth speakers, headphones, headsets, keyboards, mice, Bluetooth printers and stereo headphones, and more. Experience wireless freedom around the house! Applying the Class 1 radio technology, the transmission distance can be up to 100m in an open place. You can enjoy lossless music and achieve wireless freedom.

Bluetooth 5.0 dongle works with 32/64-bit Windows 10/8/7. It can also take full advantage of bandwidth to connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously, such as Bluetooth headsets/speakers/mice/keyboards, and smartphones. Not applicable for Mac OS, Linux, TV, or Car Stereo.

Turn your desktop Bluetooth-enabled to connect with Bluetooth audio devices for wireless audio streaming. Also, work perfectly with Bluetooth device, get rid of wired control, and enjoy a free life. Please install drivers via mini CD disc, or check the Q&A to receive the driver link.

USB Bluetooth 5.0 dongle can let you connect to a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse Bluetooth headphones and even more devices simultaneously. This tiny device gives you powerful wireless data connection between your computer or laptop and Bluetooth-enabled devices allowing for seamless connectivity, enjoy the ease of wireless in your office.

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FAQ- best usb bluetooth

  1. Is there a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle?

    TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC, 5.0 Bluetooth Dongle Receiver (UB500) Supports Windows 11/10/8.1/7 for Desktop, Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard, Printers, Headsets, Speakers, PS4/ Xbox Controllers.(best usb bluetooth)

  2. Is Bluetooth 5.0 or 4.0 better?

    Bluetooth 5.0 is now much faster than 4.0 because this new format has a bandwidth of two megabytes per second compared to the previous version’s maximum speed of one megabyte per second. In short, this makes for speedy and reliable connectivity through the air, leading to faster firmware updates and data uploading.(best usb bluetooth)

  3. HOW FAR CAN 5.0 Bluetooth reach?

    Longer range: Bluetooth 4.2 can hold connection to another device for a maximum of 60 meters (200 feet). With Bluetooth 5.0, that distance is quadrupled to 240 meters (800 feet)

  4. best usb bluetooth adapter

    The best usb bluetooth adapter
    1. Asus BT500 · 2. Avantree DG80 · 3. TP-Link UB400 · 4. Kinivo BTD-400 · 5. ZEXMTE Long Range USB Bluetooth 5.0 adapter.

  5. bluetooth adapter for windows 10

    bluetooth adapter for windows 10: EVEO usb bluetooth adapter is easily plugged for Windows 8/8.1/10 without additional operations! Available in three different colors

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