The 7 Best Apple iPhone accessories for your new iPhone

Best Apple iPhone accessories: New Apple iPhone 14 owners ought to contemplate the extras they need for their new handset not long in the wake of unpacking it. Like with last year’s iPhone 13s, the current year’s models don’t accompany a charging connector, so that is one thing you’ll presumably have to have close by. In the event that you anticipate betting everything on remote charging, you can exploit the best MagSafe innovation with numerous accomplices to pick from. We’ve tried out the absolute most ideal iPhone embellishments that anyone could hope to find, from the Apple AirTag to remote earphones to telephone cases, and assembled the best ones here.

Apple MagSafe wireless charger

apple iPhone accessories
apple iphone accessories

There are often better and cheaper alternatives to Apple’s first-party accessories, but the company’s MagSafe wireless charger is worth considering if you have a new iPhone. Like all other MagSafe accessories, this charging pad uses magnets to attach to the back of the latest iPhones and it’s surprisingly strong. Not only can you safely pick up your handset and use it with the disk still attached, but the iPhone can dangle by the charger’s cord without falling off. (You still probably shouldn’t do this.)

The charging plate itself is about a quarter-inch thick so it barely adds any heft to the iPhone. The magnets only attach to the latest iPhones, but they will still charge older models wirelessly, going back to the iPhone 8. I only wish the cable were longer than three feet so that you had more leeway to use your iPhone on the couch or in bed while powering it up.

Apple’s MagSafe charger accessory comes in at $39 (although we’ve seen it go on sale a few times), but if you want to spend a bit less, Spigen’s $25 ArcField magnetic wireless charger is a decent dupe. Its magnets are nowhere near as strong as those on the Apple MagSafe charger — so you definitely shouldn’t pick up your iPhone by this cable — but it’ll power up your handset and stay put while doing so.

Product Overview

The MagSafe Charger makes wireless charging snappy. The perfectly aligned magnets attach to your iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro, and provide faster wireless charging up to 15W.

The MagSafe Charger maintains compatibility with Qi charging, so it can be used to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or later, as well as AirPods models with a wireless charging case, as you would with any Qi-certified charger.

The magnetic alignment experience only applies to iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.

Recommended: 20W USB-C Power Adapter (sold separately)

Mophie 4-in-1 wireless charging mat

mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat for Apple iPhone, AirPods & Watch, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and All Qi-Enabled Devices, Additional USB-A Port, Intuitive Design, Includes Apple Watch Adapter

Best Apple iPhone accessories
Best Apple iPhone accessories

You might have collected various gadgets that help remote charging right now and Mophie’s 4-in-1 charging mat is a simple manner to control them all. It’s an 11-by-8-inch square shape with four spaces for various things to all the while charge. Two of those spots are adequately enormous to oblige cell phones while the other two in the middle are more modest and fit things like AirPods impeccably. It likewise has a discretionary connection for an Apple Watch, and that implies it could really energize five gadgets simultaneously.

Product Overview

SIMULTANEOUSLY CHARGE MULTIPLE DEVICES – Charge up to 4 Qi-Enabled devices (10W) and 1 USB-A device at the same time with the mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Mat. With multiple charging coils, it allows you to charge your phone, earphones, and Apple Watch. Compatible devices: Smartphones; Earphones; smartwatches.Special Feature: Wireless Charging; Lightweight Design.Input voltage: 230 volts

ELIMINATE CABLE CLUTTER – Perfect for your home or work desk, this multi-device charger offers a centralized space to charge all your main devices without any extra cables. Includes an Apple Watch charging stand so all you need is the magnetic USB cable

NO NEED TO TAKE OFF YOUR PHONE CASE – Unlike most wireless chargers, it can charge through lightweight smartphone cases up to 3mm thick and AirPods cases. Features easy-align valleys and intuitive markings to help find the charging “sweet spot” easily

SLEEK, MINIMALISTIC DESIGN – Along with being practical, the wireless charging mat is designed to look good too. The fabric finish adds a touch of style and sophistication to your home or office. It blends perfectly with your setup and is easy to clean

TOTALY SAFE – With a 25W power output, the charger keeps your phone safe by minimizing the risk of overheating or damaging the battery of your devices. It is compatible with all iOS and Android Qi-enabled devices regardless of the brand or ecosystem


apple iPhone accessories
Best Apple iPhone accessories

It’s notable now that the Best Apple iPhone accessories include the AirPods are the best remote headphones for those with iPhones. Apple made its standard AirPods far superior this year with the presentation of the third-age models, which have a better plan, perceptibly better sound, and longer battery duration.

We appreciate the new “molded” plan, which is far more agreeable than past AirPods, and the H1 chipset makes highlights like sans hands Siri and fast matching and exchanging conceivable. They’re definitely worth their $179 sticker price — yet assuming that that is a piece steep for you, Beats’ new Studio Buds are a decent other option. At $150, they have a similar H1 chip inside alongside adjusted sound that doesn’t forfeit the punchy bass that Beats gadgets are known for.

Anker 637 MagGo charging station

apple iPhone accessories
(img credits-Anker)-(Best Apple iPhone accessories)

Recall Amazon’s charming Reverberation Spot, the circle-like savvy show that was in the long run supplanted by the Reverberation Show 5. Indeed, Anker’s most recent attractive charging station seems as though it, just without the minuscule touchscreen and with much greater network choices. The 8-in-1 gadget has an attractive charging cushion on the front and a lot of ports on its back: three AC outlets, two USB-C ports, and two USB-A ports. The magnets in the charging cushion are areas of strength for very ready to hold up an iPhone 14 Master Max so it seems as though it’s drifting in mid-air.

You might in fact utilize it when your iPhone has a MagSafe case on, as well. Since the iPhone screen is calculated vertically and obviously noticeable while charging, Anker’s gadget would make a decent expansion to a work area, or even an end table for the people who need to involve their telephone as their night clock. What’s more, additionally, it’ll keep all your different links coordinated and (generally) concealed also included in the Best Apple iPhone accessories list.

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount Pro

apple iPhone accessories
Best Apple iPhone accessories

Belkin Magnetic Car Vent Mount Pro with MagSafe is designed to provide a seamless set-and-drive experience while keeping your iPhone 12 or newer safely mounted and conveniently within view. Just place your iPhone 12 or newer with MagSafe against the car mount and go. Intuitive cable management keeps your cable at your fingertips, so a quick charge is always within reach.

Belkin’s MagSafe vehicle mount is simpler to use than one of those fastidious braces you supplicate will wait on a vent while you’re driving. The solid magnets really make this one of the most mind-blowing iPhone embellishments — the iPhone 14 fits properly on the mount’s Mastercard-measured plate and doesn’t move regardless of whether you need to rapidly steer to try not to hit a squirrel. The clasp that connects to your vehicle’s vent is additionally very cozy and you can turn your telephone into scene or picture mode.

Regardless of whether you drive to deal with a regular schedule any longer, this will prove to be useful when you’re in the workplace and when you really want to counsel Google Guides during your next excursion. Simply recall that this mount won’t charge your iPhone; it’s an attractive holder. You can, in any case, weave a charging link through an opening toward the rear of the mount so you can perfectly control up your telephone while driving.

Secure and Powerful with MagSafe

The Car Vent Mount Pro was designed with MagSafe to keep your iPhone 12 or newer safely mounted through all the road’s bumps and turns. A high-quality base and sturdy vent clip ensure that your Car Vent Mount Pro stays safely in place.

Rotate to View in Portrait or Landscape

The Car Vent Mount rotates using an ultra-strong ball joint, so it’s easy to flip from portrait to landscape orientation with one hand. Set your Apple Music playlist in portrait and flip to landscape to navigate with Apple Maps.

Seamless, single-handed mount

Get in and go without stopping to mount your iPhone 12 or newer. The magnetic mount lets you snap your iPhone in place without slowing you down.

Cable management for easy charging

Keep your playlist, calls, and navigation going without interruption. Thoughtful design includes convenient cable management, so a charge is always within reach.


apple iPhone accessories
Best Apple iPhone accessories

Ultra-portable and pocket-friendly, it packs down to just a half-centimeter thick. Ultra-strong MagSafe-compatible magnets snap Mobile Tripod to the back of your phone with a satisfying ‘pop’ and hold it in portrait or landscape mode. The unique mounting system is called SlimLink and it’s so fast and secure, it borders on magic. Aluminum legs with anti-slip, vibration-damping feet deploy in both tripod and kickstand orientations. A micro ball head smoothly adjusts your shooting or viewing angle, and ball tension can be adjusted with a magnetically integrated tuning key. Whether you’re into photography, filmmaking, video chatting, YouTube rabbit holes, or all of the above, give your phone the tripod it deserves.

The Portable Mount is a strong choice for individuals who utilize their telephone cameras for everything from family photographs to relaxing scene shots and the people who need to utilize their telephone nearly as a second screen while voyaging. It’s a piece steep at $80, however you’re paying for a tough embellishment with an insightful plan — in addition to the Pinnacle name.

Obviously, there are a lot of more reasonable MagSafe telephone stands, for example, Moft’s Snap-On Stand and Wallet, which sets up your iPhone while holding a couple of charge cards, Anker’s MagGo telephone grasp, and the now-pervasive PopSockets. That’s what simply remember, while MagSafe frills like these are helpful, they at last will not be pretty much as durable as something safely snapped onto your cell phone. All of the MagSafe stands, wallets, chargers, and different embellishments I’ve attempted ultimately tumbled off assuming that I applied sufficient power.



MagSafe cases

apple iPhone accessories
Best Apple iPhone accessories

There are a lot more MagSafe cases accessible now than there were only a year prior, and they run the range from reasonable to very costly. In the event that you like a silicone iPhone case, it’s typically best to set aside some cash and get an outsider one as opposed to purchasing Best Apple iPhone accessories. Nonetheless, the first-party silicone MagSafe iPhone case merits consideration for its rich feel and thin plan. It doesn’t add a lot of haul to the iPhone by any means and it gives you somewhat more insurance against scratches and drops. This MagSafe embellishment likewise has an exceptional, smooth surface that makes it more pleasant to hold than less expensive silicone cases.

Apple additionally makes hard-shell MagSafe cases, however, we regularly lean toward Otterbox for that degree of insurance. The organization’s Symmetry+ line is just a hair thicker than Apple’s nevertheless they are somewhat more adaptable, making it simpler to take your iPhone in and out. They additionally have Otterbox’s unmistakable rubber-treated guard around the edges and, despite the fact that you can’t eliminate it like you can with a portion of its other hard-core cases, it gives an additional pad on the off chance that you inadvertently drop your iPhone.

Be that as it may, Otterbox’s cases will impair you $60 or more — for something more financially plan amicable, Spigen’s Mag Reinforcement series deserves thought. At around $20 each, these cases are made of shock-retaining TPU and they have a raised lip around the camera exhibit to safeguard it. They’re viable with MagSafe extras and they just add around 0.15-creeps of thickness to the general profile of your iPhone.

FAQ – Best Apple iPhone accessories

iphone charging station

Your iPhone features integrated wireless charging that allows for an easy and intuitive charging experience. Your iPhone works with Qi-certified chargers that are available as accessories and in cars, cafes, hotels, airports, and furniture.(Best Apple iPhone accessories)

Best Apple iPhone accessories

Best Apple iPhone accessories include ABOVE MENTIONED KEY PRODUCTS

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PrimeCables Lightning to HDMI Digital AV Adapter. …
Apple AirTag. …
OtterBox Amplify Glass Glare Guard. …
Clutch V2 Lightning Charger. …
Dango S1 Stealth Phone Pocket + MT03 Bundle

new iphone accessories

At a Glance. Apple’s 2022 iPhones feature satellite emergency services, crash detection, an A15 chip, camera improvements, and more.

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