Second Blaze In Just A Week, Fourth This Year

Another Nikola electric truck caught fire on Friday, making it the fourth such incident this year.

Nikola's  Truck Friday's Fire Incident

Occurred around 8:30 am near Nikola's Phoenix headquarters during a battery fire investigation and testing.

Second Incident This Week

No injuries reported as it was a pre-production truck located outdoors. This marks the second fire involving a Nikola truck within a week.

Monday's Lithium-Ion Cell Fire

On Monday, a lithium-ion cell battery of a Nikola semi truck caught fire at the Arizona Lithium facility in Tempe. Fire was contained, and no injuries were reported.

Minimal Damage Reported

Nikola confirmed the incident, stating it "affected one battery pack on one truck resulting in minimal damage.

Recall and Investigation

Last month, Nikola recalled all its battery-powered electric trucks in the market after a series of fires prompted an investigation.

Repair Process Initiated

Nikola has begun working with customers and dealers to bring trucks to its Arizona manufacturing facility, under the supervision of the engineering team.

The first Nikola truck Incident Occurred  June 23rd

The first Nikola truck fire of the year occurred on June 23rd, affecting multiple battery electric trucks behind the company’s Phoenix headquarters.

July, one of the affected trucks reignited

The recurring fire incidents pose significant challenges for Nikola, impacting both its reputation and stock value about 15% to 88 cents

Nikola Corp. (NASDAQ: NKLA) Industry Impact and Future Outlook

Stakeholders will closely monitor the company's response and the effectiveness of implemented safety measures.

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The company's  shares fell about 15% to 88 cents, and are down nearly 55%