Avatar 2 The Way Of Water:Things We Know So Far About Avatar

Bigger Budget Than The Original

The budget for the second movie is even more. It is said that the second movie has a budget of $250 million. 

Avatar 2 will release 13 years after the first movie. The shoot for the movie began in 2017, however, it got delayed because of the pandemic.  in last page 

Oscar winner Kate Winslet.

One new addition to the cast of Avatar 2 is Cameron’s Titanic star Kate Winslet, and the newcomer had something of a baptism of fire during filming for the big-budget sequel.

James Cameron wanted a special camera for his film, as a result of which his production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, and Sony developed a new camera named SONY Venice.  

A Special Camera

James Cameron designed a special underwater motion capture technology specifically for the movie.

Shot Underwater

The Avatar series does not end with part 2. The production team has planned for several movies. According to reports, there will be a total of 5 Avatar movies, the last of which will release in 2028. 

More To The AvatarSeries

The Story Is Very Family-Focused

James Cameron often includes universal themes at the heart of his film plots, which is what makes them resonate so deeply with audiences.

Special Training For The Film

actors for Avatar 2 - had to train extensively in the art of free-diving because using scuba equipment would've interfered with the mo-cap technology

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