DOCN Stock Forecast 2025: Digital Ocean Stock a buy

DOCN Stock Forecast 2025: Do you want to invest in DigitalOcean Holdings stocks (NYSE: DOCN) or already have them in your portfolio? If so, you can find helpful information on this page about the expected price trends for DigitalOcean Holdings in 2025. DigitalOcean is a cloud platform that offers a scalable and flexible solution for deploying, managing, and expanding applications of various sizes.

Learn about DOCN Stock Forecast 2025 & the projected value of a single share of DigitalOcean Holdings stock in 2025, whether it’s an excellent time to sell or hold onto the stock, and what financial analysts predict for the future of DigitalOcean Holdings.

Our team utilizes a sensual matrix to predict the performance of DigitalOcean Holdings stock based on historical data. We also take on technical analysis tools and consider global news and geopolitical factors when making our forecasts.

DOCN Stock Forecast 2025
DOCN Stock Forecast 2025

The company provides computing, storage, and networking infrastructure solutions, along with developer recommendations for managed applications, databases, and containers. Its users come from various backgrounds, including software engineers, data scientists, researchers, system administrators, hobbyists, and students.

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DigitalOcean Holdings (DOCN)Price Today

With a previous close price of $31.54 the current price of DigitalOcean Holdings Inc (NYSE: DOCN)today is $31.55

DOCN Stock Forecast 2025
DOCN Stock Forecast 2025

History of DigitalOcean (DOCN)Overview

The chart shows both the historical and predicted performance of DigitalOcean Holdings stock over time. It displays past price trends on the left and future price projections on the right, typically in the form of a line graph. The historical data includes factors such as opening and closing prices, trading volume, and the highest and lowest prices over a specified period.

CompanyNewYork City, NY, USA, with global centers
SectorTechnology Service
HeadquarterNewYork City, NY, USA, with global centres
Ticker SymbolDOCN
FounderMoisey Uretsky Ben Uretsky Jeff Carr Alec Hartman Mitch Wainer
Founded24 June 2011
Prev. Close$31.54
Opening Price$31.55
Market Cap$3B
Day’s range$23.38 – $53.88
52 Week High ▲$53.88
52 Week Low ▼$23.38
Dividend YieldN/A
Share Volume24,91,049

DOCN Stock Price Prediction 2023

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
DigitalOcean Holdings (DOCN) Forecast 2023

DigitalOcean Holdings stock for the next 12 months is $34.50, with a high estimate of $$34.35 and a low estimate of $30.35. It’s important to keep in mind that these forecasts are subject to change based on a variety of factors and should not be relied upon as a guarantee of future performance. Additionally, the yearly volatility of DigitalOcean Holdings’ stock is subject to fluctuations and is difficult to predict accurately.

DOCN Stock Price Prediction 2025

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
DigitalOcean Holdings (DOCN) Forecast 2025

DigitalOcean Holdings’ price target for 2025 is $33.00, with a high price target of $34.35 and a low price target of $27.50.

DOCN Stock Price Prediction 2030

YearDigitalOcean Holdings Forecast 2030
DOCN Stock Forecast 2030

If DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. maintains its current 10-year average growth rate, the stock is predicted to reach $48.00 by 2030. If DigitalOcean holdings stock forecast materializes, it represents a growth of 51.98% from its current price.

DigitalOcen Holdings Inc, (DOCN) Finacials

DOCN Stock Forecast 2025
DOCN Stock Forecast 2025
Quarterly EndingYOY ChangeQ4 2022
Gross Profit+32.3%$99.61M
Gross Margin-2.7%$61.1%
Net Income-17.0%-$10.07M

DOCN Analyst Rating

Among the 10 analysts, 30% are strongly recommending DOCN as a buy, 10% are recommending it as a buy, 40% are recommending it as a hold, 0% are recommending it as a sell, and 20% are recommending it as a strong sell.

How high will DOCN stock go?

In the last three months, 12 Wall Street analysts have given their price targets for DigitalOcean Holdings. The average price target is $38.82, with a high of $63.00 and a low of $30.00. This suggests a 23.08% change from the current price of $31.54.

How to Buy DigitalOcean Holding Stock

Research online brokerages: Consider factors such as fees, user interface, and available resources when choosing an online brokerage to buy DigitalOcean Holdings stock.

Open an account: Once you’ve chosen a brokerage, create an account and provide the necessary personal and financial information.

Fund your account: Transfer funds into your brokerage account to be able to purchase DigitalOcean Holdings stock.

Place an order: Once your account is funded, search for DigitalOcean Holdings stock and place an order to buy shares.

Monitor your investment: Keep track of your investment by monitoring the stock’s performance and staying up-to-date on news and events that may impact its value.

DOCN Stock Forecast 2025

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Disclaimer Notice: DOCN Stock Forecast 2025

Stock price forecasts generated by Deep Learning and technical analysis should not be the only factors considered when making investment decisions, as past performance does not guarantee future profits. It’s essential to consider other aspects such as market trends, financials, and global events, and seek advice from a financial advisor.

Conclusion DOCN Stock Forecast 2025- DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. provides a cloud computing platform that offers infrastructure and platform tools for small to medium-sized enterprises, developers, and startups across North America, Europe, Asia, and worldwide.

FAQ- DOCN Stock Forecast 2025

  1. Is DigitalOcean(DOCN)a good buy?

    Among the 10 analysts, 30% are strongly recommending DOCN as a buy, 10% are recommending it as a buy, 40% are recommending it as a hold, 0% are recommending it as a sell, and 20% are recommending it as a strong sell.

  2. What is DOCN’s average 12-month price target, according to analysts?

    According to analysts, DOCN’s average 12-month price target is $38.82.

  3. Is DOCN a dividend Stock?

    (NYSE: DOCN) Digitalocean Holdings is not a dividend Stock.

  4. What is the DOCN price target?

    The average 12-month price target for DOCN, according to 9 Wall Street analysts, is $37.78, with a high forecast of $50.00 and a low forecast of $30.00. Analysts predict a potential upside of 19.78% from the current share price of $31.54.

  5. what is DOCN Stock Forecast for 2025?

    The DOCN Stock Forecast 2025 is $33.00

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