Decentraland vs Sandbox which is better than 2 Metaverse

Decentraland vs Sandbox: By merging virtual and mixed reality environments, the “Metaverse” offers users access to a shared, immersive space that can be entered through a website or headset. It’s projected that the Metaverse industry will grow to a staggering $800 billion by 2024.

As the Metaverse gains momentum, Big Tech corporations are pouring millions into its development. Among the most heavily funded and widely used metaverse platforms are Sandbox and Decentraland. This article will delve into a comparative analysis of the two, examining critical factors to consider before embarking on your Metaverse journey.


For better understanding let’s example Sandbox boasts a collection of over 160,000 land plots, whereas Decentraland’s land plot count is limited to approximately 90,000. The largest virtual land transaction in Sandbox occurred in December 2021, which generated $4.3 million in revenue. On the other hand, in November 2021, a Decentraland land parcel sold for 618,000 mana, equivalent to $2.4 million in the cryptocurrency used in the metaverse.

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As you dive into the immersive world of Decentraland, let us be your guide, offering valuable insights and expertise to help you gain a competitive edge in this rapidly growing sector. With our unique perspective and comprehensive knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to explore the limitless possibilities of this virtual landscape. Join us on a journey of discovery and unlock the full potential of the Metaverse. Let’s get started!

Decentraland vs Sandbox which is better than 2 Metaverse
Decentraland vs Sandbox which is better

What Is Decentraland?

What is Decentrland?

What is Decentraland Crypto? What can be done in the Decentraland metaverse? Firstly it is a combination of “decentral” and “land,” indicating a fully decentralized platform that offers an ideal opportunity for individuals knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and augmented reality to explore the virtual world of Metaverse. The initiative, spearheaded by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, became publicly available in January 2020.

Decentraland serves as an innovative Metaverse that utilizes Ethereum to offer a three-dimensional virtual platform. Within this decentralized space, individuals have the opportunity to purchase or sell plots of land and tailor their settings and apps to their specific needs. By providing a fully decentralized environment, Decentraland offers a one-of-a-kind technological experience that allows users to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world.

Decentraland is an exceptional platform that enables users to generate, exchange, and monetize their digital content and virtual properties. Everything, from art galleries to hangout spots, conference centers to luxurious abodes, can be owned on Decentraland. Virtual properties can be obtained as Non-Fungible Tokens, utilizing the MANA cryptocurrency. The basic tokens available in Decentraland are MANA, Estate, and LAND, with each serving a unique function in the Decentraland environment.

What is SandBox?

Sandbox Metaverse

What is Sandbox Crypto? What can be done in the Sandbox metaverse? The Sandbox (SAND), established in 2018, is a decentralized NFT gaming Metaverse based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform enables individuals with limited technical know-how to design, market, employ, and monetize their NFTs in the virtual world. Pixowl, the company behind The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016), sought to expand on their successfully User Generated Content gaming IP and their extensive creator network in the Blockchain ecosystem.

The aim was to provide creators with genuine ownership of their creations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and to reward them for participating in the ecosystem. Decentraland has gained immense popularity among beginners owing to its flexibility and user-friendly creation process.

The 90,601 land parcels in Decentraland are divided into individual plots, estates (consisting of several plots), districts (comprising plots with a shared concept), and plazas (community-owned parcels that cannot be traded). The three types of tokens available in Decentraland are MANA, WEAR, and LAND.

Unique Difference Between Decentraland (MANA) vs Sandbox (SAND) 2023

ComparisonMANA vs SANDBOX
Working MethodDecentraland vs Sandbox: Each platform possesses a certain level of decentralization. Unlike Decentraland, The Sandbox isn’t structured as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Nonetheless, both tokens, MANA, and SAND, can be employed for purchasing and exchanging NFTs.
Financial StatusDecentraland vs Sandbox: Both platforms depend on venture capital (VC) firms for funding. Decentraland receives support from various organizations such as Samsung, Digital Currency Group, FBG Capital, and Cyberpunk, in addition to the South Korean government and Polygon. On the other hand, SoftBank, a Japanese multinational financial services company, is one of The Sandbox’s primary backers. The platform also receives financial support from reputable companies like Slack and Uber.
Supported Wallets Decentraland vs Sandbox: In evaluating both metaverse systems, it’s essential to consider the interoperability of wallets. Users can utilize any ERC-20 wallet for trading on both platforms. Decentraland has recently integrated with WalletConnect, which enables Polygon users to participate in the platform. Therefore, when it comes to wallet support, Decentraland appears to be the superior option.
ScalabilityDecentraland vs Sandbox: The Decentraland and Sandbox being built on Ethereum, face scalability concerns due to unstable tokens and high gas prices. However, both platforms are addressing this by integrating with Polygon, Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. This reduces the cost and energy required for token transfers, improving scalability and overall performance.
User ExperienceSandbox vs Decentraland: The user experience of buying virtual assets differs between The Sandbox and Decentraland. Both platforms provide tools for creating games, galleries, concerts, and other experiences. The Sandbox Toolbox includes 3D modeling software, a game maker, a marketplace, and avatar customization. Decentraland features a drag-and-drop editor, a marketplace, and support for social interactions using text, audio, and images.
Buying ExperienceDecentraland vs Sandbox: The purchasing experience on The Sandbox and Decentraland differs in terms of marketplace options. While Decentraland limits consumers to the use of the Decentraland marketplace, The Sandbox offers both OpenSea and the Sandbox marketplaces, providing more purchasing options. This gives The Sandbox an advantage in terms of user flexibility.
Innovation & CollaborationDecentraland vs Sandbox: The growth rate (Innovation) and collaborations with well-known brands are important factors in comparing Decentraland and The Sandbox. The Sandbox has an advantage in growth due to its adoption of Polygon NFT layer 2 technology. The Sandbox has collaborated with a broader range of brands than Decentraland but Decentraland limits users to purchasing land NFTs only within its marketplace.
Governing BodiesDecentraland vs Sandbox: Sandbox and Decentraland both employ a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) framework, which allows members of an organization to vote on proposed changes and govern themselves autonomously.

MANA vs SAND Technical Analysis

Decentraland vs Sandbox: MANA and SAND have moved similarly in price since the beginning of 2022, but SAND has experienced a significant drop of around 78% in percentage terms compared to MANA’s 70%. However, both cryptocurrencies have participated in recovery over the past month, indicating a positive trend. As the NFT and metaverse space expands, these cryptocurrencies may benefit greatly once the market breaks out of its bearish trend.

AnalysisDecentraland (MANA)Sandbox (SAND)
Launched Date 2019 2011
FoundersAri Meilich and Esteban OrdanoArthur Madrid
Token TypeNativeUtility
Market Cap1.82B1.65B
Forms of Real EstateLand, EstateLand, Estate, District
Land MarketsDecentrland Market Place & Open Sea.Sandbox Land sales, Open Sea & Rarible
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decentraland vs sandbox users –

Mana vs Sandbox Price Prediction

MANA price Prediction appears to have broken out of a descending triangle and is currently trading above its crucial support trendline, which is a positive indication for the future of the cryptocurrency. Currently trading at around $0.98, MANA is likely to encounter significant resistance in the $1.8 range, which may take several months to break through if market conditions remain favorable. This resistance area also aligns with the 200-day moving average, so a breakout could potentially signal a bullish trend shift and pave the way for further upside potential in the long term.

Additionally, the Relative Strength Index for MANA’s price chart is currently at a healthy level of 53, which could support further positive movement in the token. However, if the price fails to rise, we may see some profit-taking before another potential surge. Looking ahead, it’s possible that within the next 12 months, MANA could reach a sustainable level of $3.5.

Taking a slightly longer-term view, the daily chart for SANDBOX Price Prediction shows that the coin has been trading within a range of $0.9 to $1.4 for over a month and a half, despite a slight increase in price. Breaking out of this accumulation area may prove challenging, but if it can happen within the next month or so, the next resistance level for SAND cryptocurrency would likely be between $3 to $4. This range may take a few more months to breach and could potentially even persist a year from now.

Decentraland vs Sandbox Final Verdict

An impartial evaluation of both Decentraland and Sandbox highlights their unique differences. While Decentraland has a functional prototype and a demonstrated proof of concept, Sandbox is currently in its Alpha stage of development.

Considering aspects such as user accessibility, specialized gameplay, graphics, and a more comprehensive roadmap, The Sandbox appears to have the edge over Decentraland. Its clear strategy for future development is centered around introducing the platform on mobile devices, with plans to expand to consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Furthermore, by the end of 2023, the platform is set to offer around 5,000 games.

Bottom Line

It’s important to note that any earnings you make on Sandbox or Decentraland are paid in their respective native tokens. To convert these tokens into U.S. dollars, you’ll need to transfer them to a crypto wallet and sell them on a cryptocurrency exchange.

If you’re unable to make a decision, it might be worthwhile to try both platforms and see which one best fits your preferences.

FAQ – Decentraland vs Sandbox

  1. Which Metaverse crypto token offers more features?

    Sandbox not only provides an opportunity for blockchain-based gaming but also allows users to create, produce, sell, and acquire digital goods and experiences. On the other hand, Decentraland, which is based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), offers a unique set of entertainment options and holds great commercial potential in the metaverse. Furthermore, MANA holders have complete control over the Decentraland environment.

  2. Which platform has more users, Decentrland (MANA) or Sandbox (SAND)

    As of October 2022, there were 379 active users in Decentraland, while Sandbox had 616 active users during the same period.

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