Attorney Ken Nugent Net Worth Growth in 2024

As of April 20, 2024, Attorney Ken Nugent net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million. During his career, he has secured approximately $2.5 billion in recoveries for his clients. Ken Nugent is highly respected in the legal community in Georgia, USA, known for his successful legal outcomes and dedication to justice. Ken Nugent has been advocating for personal injury victims in Georgia for over 44 years.

Today, we’ll delve into an intriguing aspect of his biography: Attorney Ken Nugent. While Ken Nugent has made a name for himself with his legal victories, how has he built his wealth? Let’s explore the financial journey of this accomplished lawyer.

Attorney Ken Nugent Net Worth 2024

Attorney Ken Nugent Net Worth in 2024

As of April 20, 2024, Ken Nugent is believed to have a net worth of around $10 million. Ken Nugent has done well in blending law and business, contributing to his success beyond the courtroom. His net worth shows how he’s turned his legal skills into financial success, and his variety of assets adds to this achievement.

As Ken continues to impact the legal world, his financial accomplishments show that commitment, knowledge, and a strong pursuit of justice pay off.

His $10 million net worth isn’t just a number; it reflects a career marked by excellence, resilience, and a commitment to helping others improve their lives.

Ken Nugent’s journey from humble beginnings to a substantial net worth of approximately $10 million as of 2023 is a testament to his resilience and strategic approach in both law and business. Beyond courtroom triumphs, Ken Nugent’s financial narrative embodies a blend of legal excellence and entrepreneurial insight. His wealth reflects not just monetary value, but also the enduring impact of a career devoted to upholding justice and achieving remarkable success in the legal arena.

Early Life of Attorney Ken Nugent

Throughout his career, Ken Nugent has actively handled 15 automobile accident cases, 13 wrongful death cases, and 13 personal injury cases. He created the famous slogan “One Call, That’s All,” which became widely known and even inspired a TV show on Fox. The show featured Peter Siaggas, a director and producer recognized for his work on Free Radio, The Lance Krall Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Nugent has also actively appeared in various commercials, using innovative ideas to promote his firm. In 2017, he launched a project called Nugent’s Flame Throwers.


Ken studied at the State University of New York, Albany, and then went to Emory University School of Law in Atlanta. He worked hard and became a lawyer in Georgia.

Personal & Professional Life

Ken Nugent has been married for over 30 years and has five children. Since 1989, he has been helping people and founded his own law firm, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., in the Southeast.

Notable Accomplishments

Ken Nugent supports education by giving scholarships to law students. This shows his commitment to helping others succeed in their studies and careers.

Date of BirthMay 21, 1959
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$18 million
EducationNew York State University
Age64 years 6 months 22 days

About Attorney Ken Nugent Social Media

Ken Nugent was born on May 21, 1959, in the United States. He pursued his education at New York State University and later embarked on a successful career in law, specializing in advocating for accident injury victims in Georgia. Over the course of more than 44 years in practice, Ken Nugent’s firm, Ken S. Nugent, P.C., has recovered nearly $2.5 billion for his clients, demonstrating his dedication and success in the legal field.

Ken Nugent Main Source Of Income

Ken Nugent’s primary source of income comes from his successful legal practice. His area of expertise is handling personal injury cases. Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. deals with a wide range of cases involving personal injuries. This covers situations involving automobiles, trucks, workers’ compensation, premises liability, and wrongful death, protecting people hurt by the negligence of others.

His media appearances, which include radio and television commercials, enhance the company’s reputation as the top source of legal advice for personal injury cases. To increase his multiple revenue streams, Nugent also actively engages in well-known cases and provides legal assistance.

Ken Nugent’s diverse legal services add value to his financial portfolio. This diversity ensures a steady flow of cases, which supports the growth and stability of his legal practice.
Also, the Ken Nugent brand’s reputation as a reliable and respectable legal organization has helped it attract more clients and create new revenue streams.

Being a successful lawyer and businessman, Ken Nugent most likely engages in prudent financial management and investing. Maintaining and growing his total wealth is made possible by sound financial practices.

Ken Nugent’s Attorney Case History

Ken began his legal career by providing cautious and empathetic assistance to those in need. Over the years, he has established a strong reputation in the legal community for effectively handling a range of personal injury cases.

Ken Nugent continues to be involved in community service and charitable endeavors in addition to his legal practice. His numerous initiatives to better the lives of others demonstrate his commitment to social duty.

Attorney Ken Nugent Practice Areas

Ken Nugent specializes in several practice areas to assist clients facing various legal challenges:

Medical Malpractice: Cases involving negligence or wrongdoing by medical professionals that result in harm to patients.

Wrongful Death: Legal matters related to the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or misconduct.

Auto Accidents: Providing legal representation for individuals injured in car accidents, including collisions and other incidents involving vehicles.

Nursing Home Abuse: Advocating for elderly individuals who have suffered mistreatment or neglect in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Defective Products: Handling cases where injuries or damages occur due to faulty or unsafe products.

Worker Compensation: Assisting workers who have been injured or become ill on the job to obtain compensation and benefits.


Albany208 North Westover Blvd Suite 101, Albany, GA 31707
AugustaOne 10th Street Riverfront Center, Suite 550, Augusta, GA 30901
Macon300 Mulberry St Suite 106, Macon, GA 31201
Athens394 Milledge Avenue, Suite 104, Athens, GA 30605
Columbus1234 First Ave, Suite 200, Columbus, GA 31901
Savannah1 Bull Street Suite 400, Savannah, GA 31401
Atlanta1355 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30309
Duluth4227 Pleasant Hill Road Building 11, Suite 300, Duluth, GA 30096
Valdosta2935 N. Ashley Street Building H Suite 127, Valdosta, GA 31602
overview of Ken Nugent’s nine office locations across Georgia

Conclusion: Attorney Ken Nugent Net Worth

If you need to get in touch with Ken Nugent’s law firm, here is the contact information:

  • Phone Number: 770-820-0711
  • Website:
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Emergency Contact (24/7/365): 770-820-0711

You can reach out during office hours for general inquiries or visit their website for more information. For urgent matters or emergencies, you can call their emergency contact number at any time, as they are available 24/7/365 to assist you.

How much is attorney Ken Nugent Net worth in 2024?

As on April 22, 2024, Ken Nugent’s cash flow is approx $10 millions as of latest updates.

How much is attorney Ken Nugent worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Ken Nugent’s net worth was reported to be approximately $10 million.

What is Ken Nugent’s famous Slogan?

Ken Nugent crafted the famous slogan “One Call, That’s All.”

Who is Ken nugent?

Ken Nugent is an experienced Georgia accident lawyer and personal injury attorney.

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